17 simple steps you can take to help animals this winter.

As winter rolls along, it’s important for everyone to stay warm.

Throughout this season, much of the United States has been buried under “crippling” amounts of snow and ice.

As the weather gets colder, help community cats stay comfy with an outdoor shelter: http://t.co/aniiPCntwr pic.twitter.com/YS5RVkkbYb Alley Cat Allies (@alleycatallies) September 28, 2015

4. Don’t forget about the stray cats in your neighborhood.

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for neighborhood cats that spend most of their time outside. They may be feral or owned and just wandering.

If you see one, and can do so, offer them shelter in your home (if you have a screened-in porch and a box and some blankets, or even just a box and some towels to put out for them) and some food and water.

Stray cats may talk big, but even they can’t entirely fend for themselves in winter storms.

Prepare for winter storm #Jonas with these important safety tips! https://t.co/Dl7GbZHNtE #BlizzardWatch pic.twitter.com/q36YBNpnAJ ASPCA (@ASPCA) January 22, 2016

Winter can be tough for everyone. The best way to think about taking care of animals is this: Don’t let your animal be subjected to anything you wouldn’t want to be subjected to yourself.

You wouldn’t go outside without a coat on, so don’t let your dog. You wouldn’t want all your water sources to freeze over, so don’t let it happen to animals.

You have the luxury of a heated home and reliable food. Other animals might not have that, so once you’ve got your winter storm prep down, take a second to think about them.

For more information on how you can help animals during the winter, check out the Humane Society website as well as the ASPCA.

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