2 Birds Sing A Creepy Version Of Old MacDonald Had A Farm For Live News Interview

These two pretty birds might be Dr. Doolittle’s reality, but if you’re not him, this can be an exciting moment to watch.

Everyone knows that birds can sing, as in chirp and make pretty sounds, but not every bird can sing reallyrics to actual songs.

I’m not sure if their parents are constantly singing around the house, or they’re just extremely well rehearsed, but they know more words than I do to some of these songs. No wonder they got interviewed on TV!

Birds have always been fascinating to me. When I was youngermy grandmother used to point the prettiest ones out, whenever we were outside. She was a big fan and had beautiful bird houses and feeders all over her backyard. After seeing this video, though, I can appreciate the beauty and the brains of birds!

Anyone who sees these photos of the hummingbirds that someone captured in their backyard, will at least agree on the beauty. They’re such interesting and unique creatures, with so many variations from one to the next.

Turns out birds can be quite the entertaining pet, and backyard neighbor too.

It’s time for me to go build some bird houses for my back yard… Although I don’t think mine will be as cool as this guys!

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