2 Rescuers Smash Through Window Of Flooded Trailer, Find Terrified Cat Clinging To Litter Box

It’s always upsetting to think of animals being stranded in emergency situations.

When storms come or fires start, it’s usually all a person can do to get themselves and their family members to safety. Devastatingly,there isn’t always time to get pets to safety too before it’s too late.

So in the wake of natural disasters, there are oftenanimals found among thedebris. With any luck, they haven’t come to too much harm.

Their instincts tend to kick in and help them avoid any obvious danger, and it’s up to God to do the rest.

For this cat in particular, floodwater had overtaken the trailer park she lived in.

The water level was so high that only the tops of the trailers could be seen sticking out.

The Human Society of Missouri was able to locate her after she survived the storm by floating on her litter box. She truly is a very clever cat.

Rescuers took their time in extracting her and eventually pulled her out of the window to safety.

It truly was a group effort, the cat included, to ensure her survival. Thankfully, rescue workers were able to reach her before she’d been stranded for too long!

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Credit: Humane Society of Missouri/ Facebook

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