2 Strangers Use A Golf Club To Smash Car Window And Rescue 2 Panting Dogs

We hear it time and time again. Someone innocently walking through a parking lot catches a glimpse of something moving around inside.

The windows are closed, the doors are locked, and the sun is beating down from the sky. But apparently, that didn’t stop an awful dog owner from leaving their poor pet to suffer in the car alone.

And while this is always a terribly irresponsible move to make,it can also be a fatal one for the innocent dog with no way out of the car.

Luckily, there seem to always be a Good Samaritan or two in the area who are willing to step in and get the dog out at any cost even if that means smashing the car windows.

All that matters is that the dog gets out safely and is able to breathe again after spending so much time in the hot air.

For two dogs left in a Michigan shopping mall parking lot, their rescue put them on a path to a better life.

When other shoppers noticed them suffering in a hot car, they stepped in with a golf club to free them.

Their owner was subsequently arrested, and the dogs were put up for adoption.

And luckily for them, there was a loving family with four children just waiting to take them in.

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