20-Year-Old Cat Is So Happy To Have A New Home That He Cant Stop Purring

The average life span of a domesticated cat is 15. If you’ve had a lot of cats in your life, chances are that you’ve had more than a few kitties pass that age.

Oswald is a 20-year-old orange tabby. He might be older than most kitties, but he’s still going strong! However, Oswald’s previous owners didn’t agree. They surrendered the cat to a shelter, without even telling them his name or why they had to give him up.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the end of Oswald’s story, it’s just the beginning of his new life! Thanks to the Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary, Oswald is doing great.

[H/T: Love Meow]


A member of the Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary decided to take Oswald into her sanctuary and give him some newfound hope.

Most cats do not like water or taking baths, but Oswald seemed happy to finally be clean.

“This guy is a champ. He let me bathe him, and he ate all of the food I put down for him, all he wanted was some chin scratches,” Karyn, Oswald’s new mama, toldLove Meow.

He might have a grumpy face, but Oswald loves people and is thrilled to be around ones wholove him back!

Since arriving in his new forever home, Oswald hasn’t stopped purring once.

His new mama told Love Meow,“He wants you to know he loves you.”

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