22 Times People Broke Their Cats Simply By Putting Things On Their Heads

We love snuggling and cuddling up with our little animal buddies, but sometimes it’s more fun to mess with them. It’s just too easy to trick their tiny brains! And their hilarious reactions are always worth it.

Especially when it’s these cats who can’t figure out what is happening when something is placed on their heads. The simple act confuses them to no end and their silly faces never fail to crack us up.

1. Maybe he’s allergic?

2. “Do I look like George Washington to you?”

3. “Whoa, it’s been a whole year already?”

4. “What. Why. What.”

5. When cheese attacks:

6. “Everything is terrible.”

7. The sugar goes right to his head.

8. “This is just embarrassing.”

9. “Nope. Nope, nope, nope.”

10. A small sliver of spaghetti confusion.

11. “Note to self: Post-its are baffling.”

12. “I’m gonna get it! I’m gonna oof.”

13. “I am not moving until you give me back my dignity.”

14. “I get to eat it after the photo, right?”

15. He disagrees with the statement on the can.

16. “This is my crown. I am a queen.”

17. He keeps trying to crawl out from under it…

18. Her eyes are usually much brighter.

19. “This! Is! The! Worst!”

20. “But…I not water…why boat…why…”

21. “Ay yai yai yaiiii!”

22. “I’ve made a horrible mistake.”

Hey, it could be worse, guys. Your humans could be forcing you to wear actual hats. And I’m sure they made it up to you with plenty of head and chin scratches.

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