24 Diwali Dogs Who Are Totally Down With Getting Pampered For Kikur Tihar

These Nepalese dogs were treated to a day of pampering and kindness on Tuesday — and it doesn’t look like they’re having a ruff time of it.

November 10 marked the second day of Diwali, a Hindu festival of lights that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Also known as Tihar, the holiday traditionally lasts for five days. In Nepal, several of those days are dedicated to animals, including cows, crows and dogs. The festival is a way for Hindus in the region to remember the interconnectedness of all beings, especially the close relationship that humans have with their animal friends. 

Many Nepalese Hindus believe dogs are the messengers of Yamaraj (or Yama), the just judge who presides over the resting place of the dead. The god’s two four-eyed dogs, Shyam and Sadal, are said to guard the doors to his kingdom. 

Dogs are worshipped on Kukur Tihar, the second day of Diwali, to appease Yama. They’re also honored for being faithful and loyal companions. Worshippers showered their furry friends — including those who live in shelters — with good food and garlands. A dash of vermillion paste was also applied to the dogs’ foreheads as a sign of holiness and blessing.

Animal rights organizations, like Animal Nepal, used the day to spread awareness about the need to care for stray dogs, like the many who became homeless after a devastating earthquake hit the country earlier this year. 

Below, a few top dogs who enjoyed their time in the spotlight. 

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