3 Mountain Lions Hanging Out On The Porch

Imagine waking up on a peaceful Saturday morning. You pour yourself a cup of coffee and look out the window to admire the freshly fallen snow that covers your front lawn. Off in the distance, you see what appears to be a cat walking towards your house. You call the rest of your family over to the window to see the furry critter that’s wandering through your yard. Suddenly, upon further inspection, you come to the realization that it isn’t the type of stray cat you thought it was, but instead a young mountain lion and two of its siblings.

When this family looked out their window and saw exactly what is described above, they decided to take out their camera and start filming. Soon enough, the three baby mountain lions are up on their porch lounging around like any other stray cats. 

Did you know that “mountain lion” is actually one of the many names that the American lion goes by? Pumas, panthers, cougars, catamounts and mountain lions are all American lions, or “felis concolor” as it is known scientifically. American lions are pretty impressive animals, with a skill set that’d make any camper nervous. They can leap 15 feet up a tree, scale a 12-foot-tall fence and go as fast as 50 mph while sprinting. It’s no wonder this family was careful not to move too quickly when these little lions came knocking on their door. If only they had this brave pet to protect them …

Source: http://www.wimp.com/

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