30 Cats That Are So Gorgeous, You’ll Be Weirdly Jealous

Whether you like cats or not, you can’t deny that they are incredibly beautiful creatures.

Their fur, eyes, and the way they move all make them completely gorgeous. Sure, it may all be part of their evil plot to take over the world and enslave humanity, but they do it so well that I don’t even care. It’s really no wonder that ancient Egyptians worshiped felines. They are the ultimate symbols of grace and beauty.

All the proof you need is in the stunning pictures below. Prepare to get so, so jealous.

1. Those eyes!

2. She is absolutely stunning.

3. What a purrfect pair.

4. These are the most amazing markings I’ve ever seen.

5. Such a poised and elegant kitty.

6. Not only is she beautiful, but she also has great fashion sense.

7. These sisters are simply gorgeous.

8. Such a noble creature.

9. I mean, her humans probably never say no to that precious face.

10. This kitty needs an agent! Move over, Kate Moss!

11. I think I’m in love.

12. So many colors.

13. This queen deserves to be worshipped.

14. Her fur just really makes those blue eyes pop.

15. I so wish my eyes were this color.

16. What a stud.

17. She has her own hairstylist.


19. “Try to deny my beauty. I dare you.”

20. Black Beauty in cat form.

21. Where did this majestic beast even come from?!

22. She’s way prettier than an orchid.

23. This head shot is sure to land him a modeling gig! Calvin Klein, what’s good?

24. This is just breathtaking.

25. I think I found Bagheera.

26. I bet this handsome boy drives all the ladies crazy.

27. I wish I could rock stripes like this!

28. Would someone get this angel a halo?

29. It’s official — cats have the best eye colors ever.

30. This lovely lady is exquisite.

(via BuzzFeed)

I have a very important question for all of these fabulous felines:

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