4-Week-Old Puppy Is Sold Online For $600 Then Dumped Shortly After

Many people don’t realize the time and effort that goes into taking care of a puppy.

Sure, they may be super cute, snuggly, and incredibly photogenic, but there is a lot more to taking care of them than just cuddles. Puppies require a lot of time to ensure that they are healthy.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of breeders out there that don’t take that into consideration.

They prey on the fact that people love young puppies and will take them away from their moms to be sold much too early.

When this happens, they have to be bottle-fed since they don’t have their moms around to feed them.

This was the case for poor Little Bear who was sold to an owner who didn’t realize how much attention the newborn puppy needed.

The poor baby was doomed to be left on the street before an rescue group stepped in to save the day.

Learn more about Little Bear’s harrowing first weeks of life below.


At barely 4 weeks old, poor Little Bear was bought on Craigslist for $600.

But when the owner found out that he needed to be bottle-fed, they wanted to get rid of him immediately.

These regular feedings are perfectly normal for a puppy of Little Bear’s age, who need to either suckle from Mom or get fed from bottles.

Nonetheless, the ownercontacted NYC-based rescue groupSocial Teesandexplained that he had originally bought the puppy for his 6-month-old son, but was turned off by the effort it would take to care for him.

If the group didn’t come pick up the poor puppy, the owner said that he would leave it on the street.

So, a volunteer rushed to his rescue to take him in before he was cruellyabandoned.

Little Bear quickly started getting the bottle feedings that he desperately needed.

He also got away from the horrible previous owner, who had clearly not realized the work and care that went into raising a puppy.

Though not much information could be extracted from them before the volunteer took the dog, they did learn that the puppy was bought from a basement breeder.

These awful businesses force female dogs to constantly birth new litters of puppies, only to have them taken from her when they are way too young.

The little puppywas the victim of these cruel practices and would have surely died in the street if someone hadn’t stepped in.

But despite his horrible first few weeks of life, things are looking up for Little Bear.

He had a great first vet visit and is still being happily bottle fed.

And when his teeth come in, he should be able to feed himself.

Until then, he is grateful to be in a loving home with he saviors.

He loves cuddling, taking luxurious naps, and making funny piglet-like noises.

Social Tees was thrilled to save the puppy, but he serves as a sad example of dogs bred by breeders who don’t care for their well-being.

Fortunately, whenLittle Bear grows up a little more, he will eligible for adoption and will find a happy, loving home completely unlike his first one.

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