5-Week-Old Puppy Rescued From Storm Drain

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes,and so do heroic deeds.

There are big ones,like this teacher who saved her students from a tornado, and there are small ones, like someone helping an elderly stranger cross the street.

But regardless of the size, these deeds help to make the world a better place and remind us that there are plenty of incredible people out there just waiting to make a difference.

Hero and Imguruser Rsinul777posted her uplifting story online, and it has since been spreading like wildfire. This pet owner was out walking her dog at three in the morning when she heard cries coming from a storm drain. When she looked inside and saw a trapped puppy, this ordinary hero sprung into action.

Joining her in thisheroic rescue were several police officers, who didn’t hesitate in their commitment to freeing this poor pup.

Scroll through belowto hear this moving story in this Imgur user’s own words, and let us know what you think of this rescue in the comments!

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ImguruserRsinul777 wrote:

“I was taking my other dog outside to use the bathroom around 3 a.m.-ish, and I could hear a puppy crying from what sounded like the other apartment next door.”

“After walking closer to where the sound was coming from, I found that there was a covered storm drain in the grass with one hell of a yelping emanating from it.”

“I called 911 (it’s a smaller city in Georgia, animal control was closed) who dispatched two officers and a Sergeant that ended up brainstorming a way to get the puppy out of the drain, which isn’t very big.”

“They spent about 30 minutes trying to get her out, all the while getting their uniforms wet/dirty from the grass.

“The puppy had gone about 50 yards to the very end of the drain, where it apparently thought turning back was a no-go.”

“The only plausible idea we could think of, short of digging out the entire pipe, was to fill a bucket with water, put the longest arm we had down the downstream drain to stop the puppy, and then dump the water to essentially flush her to the hand.

“That worked like a charm; one of the officers grabbed her and pulled her out.”

“Once out, they did a quick checkof its health and asked if I’d want to care for her at the very least a few days, to see if an owner turns up.

“We exchanged info, and they said they would follow up on the welfare of her.

“Now, I have a happy puppy and no more crying from a storm drain!”

“[I] took her to the vet the following morning for a check-up and evaluation, which they did for free, and they said she was quite healthy and around 5weeks old.

“I’ve tried everything I can do to find its owner, if there is one, to no avail so far. So, I’ve decided to keep her.

“She was born [on nearly] the same date that my grandmother passed away, so I named her Grace, after my grandma’s middle name.

“She is adorable, and I’m glad to add her to my family!”

“Those officers could have easily just [given] up and said wait [til] morning, but they didn’t.

“They helped because they wanted to, not because they had to.

“With all the negativity in the news today, I hope this story will show you that good people do exist, even if the news doesn’t show them.”

This beautiful story just goes to show that there are realheroes out there who truly are making a difference. This adorable pup now gets to have a second chance at life thanks to this amazing Imgur user and these incredible officers.

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