7 cats dressed like Thanksgiving turkeys

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to appreciate the hard work done by every kitty owner who has dressed her cat like a turkeyand managed to take a photo before the cat ran away. Hey, dogs are the only pets who can rock a seasonally appropriate costume. Cat lovers, this one is just for you! (P.S. We don’t recommend trying this on your kitty at home, although they are pretty darn cute.)

Jumbo the Cat celebrates his birthday near Thanksgiving, so naturally he gets to enjoy some turkey while dressed as a turkey. Something seems not quite right about this, but he is so cute that you can overlook it.

These sweet feline faces are something to be thankful for indeed.


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Okay, so this cat is not wearing a turkey costume. But his bum doeslooks like a furry turkey, doesn’t it?

Happy thanksgiving #thanksgiving #snapchat #catturkey #cat #meow #turkey

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If your cat is like most other cats, he is not interested in wearing a costumes. You can still show off his festive side, though, by drawing on a turkey costume with an app. Pro: minimal clawing.

Happy Thanksgiving! #catturkey

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This cat must have been talking to your slightly racist uncle about the upcoming election. We feel your pain, Kitty! Next time, considerplaying some Adeleto soothe your rage.

Yogs getting into the Thanksgiving spirit gobblemeowgobble #kittyturkey

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This kitteh looks less than enthused about his festive look.

Now that’s just cruel.

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