A Hunter Shot This Mountain Lion But Freaked Out When He Got A Better Look At It

When a hunter was out on the trail in Idaho, he came across a mountain lion. Taking aim, he noticed something strange about the beast just before he decided to take the shot. After that, he followed state law and brought this animal to Idaho’s Fish and Game (IDFG) office to be checked out. IDFG officers are required to remove teeth from harvested mountain lions to gather data.

That’s when an officer on the scene noticed something that he knew the world would have trouble believing. But with photographic proof, it can’t be denied.

Though biologists and veterinarians never got a chance to examine the animal, it’s interesting to hear their thoughts. Was the animal originally a conjoined twin? Is that a tumor on its head? We may never know.

Source: http://www.viralnova.com

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