A Puppy With Braces Is Melting Hearts Online

It’s not easy growing up. You’ve got to navigate the various hazards of life, learning lessons along the way. You’ve got to take care of yourself (though, for a good chunk of your life your parents will pretty much handle it), and sometimes that can mean going through things that may not be immediately pleasant. Getting shots, eating healthy, correcting any deformities – these are a few examples of things that we all have to do not for short-term enjoyment, but for long-term benefits.

One of the most dreaded trials kids have to face growing up is getting braces. Having braces is not fun, at all. You have to be super careful about how you eat, you have to always mind your retainer, you sound weird when you talk (sometimes), and of course, you’ve got a face full of metal – it’s not comfortable, and it’s not attractive. Still, you gotta do it if you want good teeth.

It may surprise you to learn (it did for me) that humans aren’t the only animals who get braces. Apparently, dogs can also have poorly aligned teeth that require correction. Recently, the story of one such dog took the Internet by storm.

This is Molly Moore and her 6-month-old golden retriever, Wesley.

They both live in Spring Lake, Michigan, where Molly works at a veterinary clinic owned by her dad, Jim Moore.

Wesley is a happy, fluffy, totally adorable pup. Unfortunately, he’s had some teething problems.

When he started getting his adult teeth, they were coming in misaligned. The poor little guy couldn’t even close his mouth properly.

Poor Wesley was losing weight and stopped playing with his toys. Molly knew something had to be done.

Fortunately, Molly’s dad is a specialist in veterinary dentistry who had the solution: dog braces.

While he acknowledges that it’s a bit unusual for animals to get braces, it’s not unheard of. Unlike in people, where braces are often more for an aesthetic reason than a functional one, animals get braces for purely functional reasons. Jim says he does maybe four of these procedures a year, but they always help.

Wesley was given an anesthetic while his braces were put on.

Here he is afterwards, showing off his new smile!

“He’s just so cute with them on,” says Molly, adding that he reminds her of herself with braces at age 12.

Unlike a lot of us, Wesley won’t have to hide out for long. His braces should only be on for a few more weeks.

He’s already a handsome boy, soon he’ll have the perfect smile to go with it!

Here’s to you, Wesley!

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