Adorable Bulldog Puppy Is Incredibly Confused By Treadmill

When one man was out in his garage, playing around with his brand-new camera, he had no idea he was about to capture something so adorably perfect that it would get him on America’s Funniest Home Videos!

He was walking around, looking at some of the items he had stored, when he suddenly came across his old treadmill. Wondering if the old workout machine still worked, he plugged it in and flicked the “on” button. Much to his happiness, the machine instantly began to speed away as if it had just been taken out of the box.

Maybe, with the machine working so well, he should bring it back inside and use it as often as possible. But as these thoughts rolled through his mind, his tiny little bulldog puppy seemed to have bigger ideas.

Even though he had no inklingwhat the loud machine was, he jumped up on it with the level of bravery that you’d only expect from a puppy. He jumped into action and instantly began to run at a good and steady pace.

But even though this dog was running, he was probably a bit confused at the fact that he wasn’t going anywhere. No matter how fast he went, he remained in the same exact place. So that’s when this little guy decided tojump.

Please watch this hilarious video!

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