Adorable Cat Sneaks Into The Bathroom And Gets Caught Using His Owners Toilet

Although cats are notorious for being low-maintenance pets, there’s still one responsibility that indoor cat owners can’t shake: cleaning the litter box. That’s right, if you’ve ever owned a cat, you know that cleaning the litter box is an unavoidable chore.

After all, nobody wants to have a stinky house!From time to time, manycat owners have probably even found themselves wishing that they could just train their cats to use the toilet.

Seriously, just imagine how much easier things would be if cats (or any other pets for that matter) could clean up after themselves without giving it a second thought.

Well, for one proud pet owner, that wish has officially come true. Not only does this cat know how to climb up on the toilet, but he also knows exactly how to use it. With just a few graceful steps, he’s able to balance on the edge of the bowl and take care of business.

This cute little cat may not look like he’s capable of doing anything out of the ordinary, but looks can be deceiving. Next, however, his human may want to teach him how to flush the toilet and put the seat down.

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