Adorable Cats Ryuka And Tomo Meet For The First Time And Play

Meeting a new friend for the first time can always have the potential to be a little awkward. Of course, sometimes there’s that moment where you both justclick with an instantconnection and it feels like you’ve known this stranger your whole life.However, there are also those whoneed sometime to warm up to each other. I’ve had both situations happen with my best friends! No matter which way it starts, all that matters is the love between two pals.

These adorable kitten buddies seem to still be working out the rough spots of their budding friendship. The problem is mostly because one of them looks like he’s pretty reluctant to give the other one a chance! The white cat is named Ryuka, and he can’t wait to play with the newly arrived fluffball, Tomo. However, Tomo seems perfectly content to stay tucked away in the scratching post’s hiding spot. Poor Ryuka tries so hard to coax the cutie out, but he’s just too shy. Every time Tomopokes his head out, he pushes it right back in againoncehe sees Ryuka’s excited reaction.

I’m sure these two will overcome this slight hiccup soon enough, though. They’re both just too cute keep away from each other! I have a feeling Ryuka’s determination will only get stronger. You can see more of the sweet peas on their human’s YouTube page.

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