Adorable Litter Of Puppies All Try To Cram Into The Same Tiny Bed

This has to be one of the cutest puppy videos we’ve ever come across. While at first, it might appear as if the little babies aren’t being given the proper size bed, but in less than one minute, it becomes quite clear that these babies are quite well taken care of!

This adorable group of fluffy little Rhodesian ridgebacks are all squiggling on top of each other, fighting to climb onto the puppy pile, but unfortunately there are two pups thatjust can’t seem to join in the fun. Try as they might, the little blue-collared guy just can’t get close with his brothers and sisters!

All of the puppies love being so close with each other, in fact, when the camera pans over to the right, it becomes clear that these puppies have a whole other bed to sleep in. But these little puppies love touching each other so much, they’d rather sleep in a big pile rather than have room to stretch their legs and rest their paws!

While the video never shows the lost little puppy get back with his family, at least we know he has an option to sleep in a bed if hewantedto. Maybe their human will take a look at this video and realize that twomedium-size beds won’t do… She’ll need one big bed for sure!


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