Adorable Little Puppy Is Too Afraid Of The Water To Go For A Swim

One of the most amazing things about puppies is the fact that they’re just always learning something new and fun. Every single day is an adventure, every single smell is completely new to them, and every moment is filled with brand-new experiences.

While that’s true for any animal, it’s all about how puppies react to these new stimuli that’s so adorable. If a puppy doesn’t understand what they’re seeing or smelling, they’ll certainly let you know that there’s a problem! Just like the tiny Shiba Inu puppy in the video below, this little angel has a pretty big problem to deal with!

While she loves to drink a lot of water, it turns out that this little baby has never gone for a swim before. Her dad has a pretty nice setup for her, and she’s excited at first, but within a few moments, it turns out that this dog is not as brave as she initially thought she was.

She gives a few tentative barks to the water, but it seems like this little pool is still too big for her! Even with Dad nearby, this little dog isnotgoing in for a dip today. We’re sure after she’s grown up just a bit, she’ll be one of the strongest swimmers in the whole family!


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