Adorable Video Shows Tiny Baby And Pleasant Puppy Rolling About In The Soft Grass

Its no secret that dogs love rolling around in the grass. Either because they have fixated on a smell, have an itch that just needs some lawn scratching, or it’s just a natural behavior ingrained in their breed, they cant get enough of rolling in patches of grass!

Less common, though, is seeing a baby roll in the grass! Thats exactly what this baby is doing, though, right alongside his dog. This adorable kid must have picked up the habit from his furry sibling and seems to be having a blast rolling around with his pup. The way he imitates his dog is too cute these two share such a special bond.

Dogs and their human child siblings can form such strong bonds. In addition to playing together like this happy pair, pets will often exhibit a strong protective instinct over their little human friends.

This little pup sat watch over his infant human sisterand growled protectively when others approached. This dog gave his little human a bath and she giggled the whole time as the dog licked her clean. Dogs may not look exactly like their human siblings, but they share a special sibling relationship nonetheless!

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