Adorably Clueless Girl Mistakes Her New Puppy For A Hamster

We all know the excitement of reaching into a gift box and not knowing what wonderful thing we’re about to find. The possibilities race through your mind, and you spend those few seconds just imagining how amazing it will be!

While any gift is awesome, and it really is the thought that counts, it’s always a little bit sweeter when you peel back the wrapping paper and find that one thing that you’ve been hoping for.

Take this woman for example. Her boyfriend surprises her with a dog for her birthday,and she can’t hold back her emotions. It’s so sweet, and she hasn’t even seen the puppy yet! I’m sure I’d have the same reaction as her.

Some gifts are even more emotional than a new puppy. I’ve never seen a more touching reaction than this dad has when he opens up his present and learns that he’s going to be a grandfather.I teared up just watching his face!

For this little girl, opening up an empty diaper box led to one of the funniest moments I’ve ever seen. She immediately thinks that the new pet inside of the box is a hamster, and she absolutely loves it!

As it turns out, she’s really holding a very tiny puppy in her hands.

It’s just too funny!

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