Airlines Break Their Owns Rules So Pets Can Escape Fire

The Fort McMurray fires have been devastating to families in Canada, as 80,000 residents were forced to flee the extremely dangerous and deadly situation.

Its no doubt a traumatic experience as one has to gather whatever belongings they have, as well as making sure the family pets are safely evacuated as well. With all the stress, the amazing West Jet and Canadian North airlines have been easing restrictions as to help these families out as much as possible. They are allowing all the people to fly with their pets right in the cabin!

The airline stated how unusual it is for pets to be in the cabin normally, but due to the devastating circumstances they were more than willing to bend the rules.

Usually animals are required to be put in the cargo area or if they are small enough, inside cages under ones seat. But with families not having any crates or cages available to them as they are still at their evacuated homes, the airlines allowed the beloved pets to travel alongside them during this trying time.

In recent days more than than 80,000 Canadians had to flee their homes.

It was hard to rescue pets due to the intense wildfires.

West Jet and Canadian North airlines have allowed to let pets fly right in the cabin alongside their owners.

The airlines were able to bend the rules due to this extraordinary situation.

Staff from Canadian North is fostering a cat called Meow Meow. Her pregnant owner actually went into labor.

Usually when animals fly by plane they are required to be in the cargo holding area.

Due to the devastating situation at hand, the airlines decided to make an exception to normal protocol.

So great that these pets can be right alongside their owners during this trying time.

No doubt both owner and animal are comforted with one another being at their sides.

What a great gesture these airlines made during this very difficult and devastating time.


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