An Artist Uses Her Coffee To Create Darling Portraits Of Cats

While most of us are content to merely drink coffee and feel the tingly effects of its caffeine, that’s not enough for artist Elena Efremova, who not only appreciates the flavor of her coffee beverages, but uses them to inspire artwork.

For Elena, each coffee drink whether it’s an espresso, an Americano, or a sweet coffee-and-ice-cream treat has its own personality that comes through in its flavor.

And to capture that, she’s created portraits of cats with some very distinct personalities.

Just like the artist who uses spilled coffee to invent silly little monsters, Elena uses an everyday beverage, enjoyed by millions, to create clever, unique works of art.

She also brings in the sense of taste into her artwork, using the flavor as inspiration for each cat’s personality.

The next time you enjoy a nice, hot cup of coffee, think about what its “personality” might be if it were a creature!

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Elena likes to wake up with an Americano, so this stretching cat perfectly sums up the morning and the start of a new day.

A macchiato, or an espresso with a dollop of milk, reminds her of a cat with white paws that seems lazy, but keeps an eye on everything all the same.

And a sweetened cappuccino is a playful and adorable cat.

Espresso is a little on the sneaky side. After all, such a tiny cup of coffee can also really sneak up on you!

Lattes, though, with their cute foamed milk art, make Elena feel cozy and content.

And yes, she actually uses the coffee to create her images! Details like the eyes are added in later with watercolor.

Enjoying coffee is truly a multisensory experience for Elena! And it’s also a neat way of thinking about translating a taste into a visual representation.

And when two flavors collide? That means two cats! This cuddly pair represents coffee and ice cream, a perfect blend of opposites.

And coffee doesn’t just call cats to Elena’s mind, either. Sometimes, it helps her doodle out visualstories, which help her become inspired for other pieces of art.

And it’s not always coffee, either! This summery milkshake inspired some adorable flying elephants!

You can see more of Elena’s work, which also includes some gorgeous landscape paintings, on her Behance site, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

And be sure to SHARE her art with your friends who find coffee inspiring, and see what they can come up with!

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