Animal hospital has ingenious idea to educate the youth on neutering pets

Last year saw the explosion of the Nae Nae, a dance move that spread through the youth like wildfire. As expected, every old and millennial-hungry brand saw this as the perfect opportunity to connect with the plugged-in generation. And now, one animal hospital has jumped on the bandwagon.

For those unfamiliar with the move, its fame is often associated with Silent’s “Watch Me” music video. The meme ultimately ran its course, butAMPM Animal Hospital in Austin, Texas, still saw a chance to capitalize on the viral movement as a way to publicize neutering and spaying pets.

Ingenious or cringeworthy? Either way, it’s still better than having to watch Hillary Clinton pander for votes by doing the Nae Nae.

Photo vialatteda/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


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