Beachgoers drag a turtle out of the water. What happens next, will make you furious!

If there’s one thing tourism is known for is that it carries a great boon towards the local economy.

This benefit brings about even more bonuses to the local population, but sometimes it can bring about some negative side effects as well. For one the ecosystem can sometimes take an unfortunate hit, and it’s not any more evident than in the story you’re about to hear.

Havana Beach in Lebanon is known for the gorgeous beaches, and as such many tourists flock down to the waters whenever they take the trip. During one family’s trip they came across a sea turtle in the waters, but instead of leaving it be (like you’re supposed to) they decided it would be a great idea to pull it out of the ocean and onto shore. Then, as if that weren’t enough for them, they proceed to torture the poor thing! Luckily Animals Lebanon came to the rescue and currently have the sea turtle in their care, sporting only a few small cuts and abrasions.

According to the rescue group’s Facebook page:

“The damage is visible and evident – the blows and trauma she suffered have broken through the top of her head, and water from the sea has reached her sinus cavities. Hopefully the x-rays can rule out further damage and the blows did not affect deeper into the skull.”

See that’s the type of tourist you *don’t* want to be, and in most places would be a surefire way to turn the local population against you real quick!


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