Biker Comes Face to Face With a Mountain Lion and What He Captures on Film Will Make Your Heart Race!

Do you know what to do when coming face-to-face to a deadly mountain predator?

Do you think you should run, or should you stand your ground? Knowing what to do in a situation like that could very well end up saving your life one day! One biker came to that moment prepared, thankfully; if he hadn’t, we might not be talking about this situation this way! But luckily he did, and caught it all on tape for us to see!

So, what do you do when there is a dangerous mountain lion staring you down? The California Department of Fish and Game, along with many other experts, advise you to stand still. Running away while a beast like that has you in it’s sights is the absolute last thing you’d want to do, as the animal’s ‘chase’ instinct could very well kick in, turning you into food. Take a look at the video and see just how massive these big cats are, and remember to stand your ground!


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