Biker Stops Short When Bright Yellow Bird Escapes Owner, Then Catches Him With One Quick Grab

One of the saddest sights to see is a “Missing Pet” flyer posted around town because we can all sympathize with the owner who is missing their beloved family member.

If it ever happens to us, all we can do is hope that a kind soul comes across our lost friend and returns them home, safe and sound.

And when we are able to be the ones to do the saving, we are more than happy to get the job done.

In this case , it’s a lost yellow bird on the streets of St. Paul’s Bay, Malta, in December 2016, who flew away from his owner.

The beautiful bird was fluttering around the streets when this motorcyclist whizzed right by the creature. The man slowed his bike down and turned around: the friendly bird must have taken it as a cue to basically fly right into his glove!

The man gently gripped the bird so it wouldn’t fly away again, then briefly looked around and quickly spotted the owner on the street, looking for his lost friend.

When he pointed the bird in his direction and asked if it was his, the man gratefully said yes and covered the bird with both hands taking him back into his loving care.

And as the owner walked away with his bird, you can see his relief that he was reunited with his friend yet again thanks to the random act of a kind stranger.

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