Brave Mama Dog Hides Her 10 Puppies In A Tree Until Help Arrives

At this point, it should go without saying that moms are basically superheroes.

Weve seen tough mamas protect their children in every circumstance imaginable, from defending against schoolyard bullies, to fighting off would-be criminals that try to hurt the family.

Of course, we arent just talking about human moms here.

If youve ever heard the warning about a mother bear and her cubs, you know that the powerful bond of motherhood transcends species.

Mothers of all shapes, sizes, and species will go to whatever lengths necessary to protect their babies

Thats certainly what volunteers with All Sato Rescue and Cape Ann Animal Aid realized this past spring, when they set about rescuing a beautiful female dog, and discovered that she was hiding ten very cuddly little secrets!

Scroll through the gallery below to see how Juniper the dog decided to protect her babies, and what happened when she trusted the rescuers with her precious bundles of joy!

All Sato Rescue is an organization operating out of Puerto Rico which focuses on rescuing dogs from the overpopulated stray populations of the island, and rehoming them in high adoption areas.

Cape Ann Animal Aid is a Massachusetts-based no-kill shelter that works on rehoming local animals, but, when space allows, also opens up their kennels to animals coming from high-kill, low-adoption areas of the US, including Alabama, Georgia, and Puerto Rico.

This past spring, the two organizations teamed up for a rescue mission out to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

There, they quickly encountered lots of sweet and loving animals in need of happy homes.

On just the second day after the Massachusetts delegation arrived, the team encountered three sweet female dogs living together.

The dogs were very friendly, and were quickly christened Leticia, Trinity, and Juniper.

The team had encountered the dogs after acting on a report of a mother dog hiding a litter of puppies, and they suspected that lovely Juniper, a pretty chestnut hound dog, might just be hiding something.

They began to investigate a hollowed out tree that the she wasconspicuously staying close to.

According to a report on the CAAA website, Juniper seemed excited that we were there — as if she knew we were there to help and not to harm.

Inside the tree, they found Junipers impressive litter; this sweet mama had ten tiny pups that she was clearly very proud of, and she was so busy nursing them that she was letting herself get awfully skinny.

When the rescue crew showed up, they were impressed by Junipers intelligence about hiding the pups and about getting them help.

She was so smart to keep her pups in the tree–safe from predators. Juniper tried to help us with the rescue mission. She would go back into the tree and lead the pups toward the entrance where we could reach in and scoop them out

Eventually, they managed to free every last one of the sweet babies.

They were determined to be remarkably healthy, probably thanks to their protective mom, and just had a few ticks and bald spots to show for their adventurous start in life.

All ten of the pups were at a healthy weight, indicating that mom was going without food in order to stay close to her little ones and nourish them.

Now, nearly six months later, Junipers family continues to thrive.

She arrived back in Massachusetts with her babies, and all of the pups were quickly treated, fixed, and prepped for adoption. A nice young man adopted Juniper and renamed her Lady, while his mother took in one of her puppies, who is now named Optimus and is well on his way to being a very dashing full-grown dog.

The other nine puppies went to various homes in the area.

Even though Juniper, excuse us, Lady, doesnt live with her pups full time, she runs into them at CAAA reunions, and probably bumps into some of them around town.

After all, theyre practically adults in their own right now, so its more like shes a mom whose kids have grown and moved out of the house.

Still, were sure every last one of them remembers when they were just little guys, and Mom did everything she could to keep them safe!

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