Brave Woman Doesnt Think Twice Before Diving Into Dirty Water To Save A Drowning Bird

People saveanimals every day by fostering them, donating money for their benefit, giving them loving homes, and making amazing new prosthetics for them.

But sometimes, in order to save an animal’s life, people must step up and faceadversity in order to be the hero that they need.

Many have seen animals in danger on the road, in the city, or in the wild, and have to make the choice whether they will go on their way or interrupt their life in order to save the day.

Fortunately for a struggling seagull, one woman had no problem stopping what she was doing to jump in the water and come to his rescue.

And, luckily for us animals lovers, the entire save was caught on camera, thanks to an onlooker.

Check down below to see photos of this woman who swam up the waterfront in order to save a struggling fledgling’s life.


Reddit userfebianshahwas out taking pictures of hispuppy when he noticed a baby seagull that was struggling to stay afloat on theBoston waterfront.

Suddenly, a woman jumped into the river and began to swim toward the struggling little seagull.

Having watched for an hour while it struggled, hoping that it would eventually make it to shore, she finally dove in to save the day when it became clear that the bird couldn’t fly to safely.

The bird was pretty far away from land, but she persisted until she made it to the point where it was struggling.

Next, she grabbed the fledgling and paddled back to safety.

All the while, the photographer was waiting ashore with the puppy, documenting the sweet save with their camera.

Fortunately, the two made it back to shore safely, though they were both waterlogged.

Though she herself was sopping wet, the seagull savior wrapped the bird up in a shirt to keep him warm.

After the well-documented save, the photographer was updated in an email that the woman had taken the bird home to care for through the night until she could contact a specialist.

“After a few hours of rest, it stood up and then finally ate bread soaked in water, which we read to do online,” she explained in the email.

“The left wing was still drooping and causing it to trip and stumble that night, but by the morning, the wing looks back to normal. It ate again in the morning and by then I found a wildlife rehabilitator that would take him in and she said she just loved seagulls.”

Since the seagull’s left wing was noticeably lame after the ordeal, he would have probably perished in the water if it had not been for the woman’s help.

But thanks to her attentiveness and amazing effort, the woman was able to save the poor baby’s life and get a few great action shots in the process!

If you think every animal deserves a chance at life,

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