Breeder Sees Husky Puppy Splayed On His Belly And Immediately Schedules Him To Be Put Down

It is scary to think that so many animals are put down because people do not understand the conditions they are born with.

Casper is a pure white Siberian husky puppy that was born with swimmer syndrome, a condition that makes it nearly impossible for a dog to walk or stand.

He was splayed out on his belly and the breeder who was trying to sell him didn’t know what do for him, so he scheduled him to be put down.

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue got news of Casper’s predicament and knew they needed to buy him some time. This puppy didn’t deserve to die!

Gina, an Acuscope biotechnician, was committed to saving Casper and brought him to a veterinarian. The vet had a similar plan as the breeder and suggested they euthanize him.

His heart was weak, he was limp and lethargic, and the vet said he maywalk in threemonthsif he even survived that long.

But she took him home and started some treatments with him after wrapping him in a soft T-shirt. The very next day, this puppy was making all sorts of happy noises and she knew she had a fighter.

By day five, he was up and moving around, a little wobbly on his feet, and by day 10 he was able to run around like a normal puppy!

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