Bride Tells Bridesmaids There Are No Bouquets, Then Hands Each A Rescue Puppy

This is thebestidea. Bride and groom, Sarah and Matt Crain are big animal lovers. The couple works at a Pennsylvania shelter and wanted to find a way to incorporate rescue dogs into their wedding ceremony.

Instead of carrying bouquets, the bridesmaids carried a litter of boxer-coonhound sisters. Each little lady dog is named after one of the United States’ first ladies.

The puppies are each in foster homes as they await adoption from their future forever homes.

The amazing photos were taken by Caroline Logan Photography can you believe how good a puppy goes with both tuxedo and a gown?!

It is never a shock, but always a delight, when couples include their furry friends on their big day. Justin Lansford made things official when he enlisted his service dog as his very own best man.

“I cant imagine a nicer couple than Matt & Sarah. I loved that on their wedding day when they were the ones that were supposed to be the focus, they were finding ways to honor others and let their loved ones know how very much they mean to them,” Logan wrote on her blog.

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