Brilliant Dog Easily Learns New Tricks From His Human Mom Every Single Day

Tricks arent just for kids. Theyre for dogs, too! One clever canine, Super Nova, a 2-year-old Australian cattle dog, with incredible agility, spunk, and balance has learned some of the snazziest tricks on the planet! He catches the Frisbee like its nobodys business. Oh, but thats not all!

Sporty dogs are so rad, but Super Nova takes things up a notch with an impressive balancing act that would make anyone do a double take. This dogs tricks have all the bells and whistles thanks to his loving owner, Felicia Foy, who clearly has put in a lot of time and energy into training her incredibly talented pet.

In the video, Super Nova steals the first scene. Donning a cute red handkerchief, he starts out saying hello, using his paw to wave to the camera.

Then, he really turns up the charm and walks backward, dances on his hind legs, stands up straight, walks backward on his hind legs, crosses through Felicias legs, and jumps and balances on her back. Yet, the coolest trick of them all is when Super Nova balances on her feet, then spins around and stands up on his hind legs and balances again! Talk about skills!

Athletic dogs wow us with their intellect and physical abilities, which are amazing to see behind the lens, whether its capturing a dog running after a Frisbee in slow motion, or busting into a shipyard with his human to show off Frisbee tricks!

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