Camera Catches Bizarre Moment 2 Cats Leap Up A Wall With Identically Matching Motions

Have you ever had one of those friendships where you could finish each others sentences? Where you would make the same excited gesture at the same exact time? Where youd just have to make eye contact to know that they silently agreed with whatever you both were clearly thinking?

But sometimes having the same brain can lead to some fumbles, like with this pair.

The two cats sit beside each other, gazing at a tall, concrete wall. Then, as if they choreographed their next move, they danced their way up the wall, landing in perfect form. Right. On. Top. Of. Each. Other.

It was almost like watching modern art. They stay frozen in their pose, wide eyes filled with wonder.

Then, as quickly as they darted up that wall, they woke from their dreamy trance and slipped out of their graceful state.

As they grew aware of the situation, the black-striped cat, who had been pinned on bottom, was desperate to get out from under the weight of his orange companion.

Giving the orange paw a nudge and glancing desperately around, the black cat pushes his body out from underneath.

Paw over paw, he quickly crossed over the slick roof and scampers away to a more spacious area, as the orange cat gazes on in bewilderment.

If you and another cat lover have this type of bond, be sure to share with them and let them know how special they are!

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