Camera Catches Rare Moment When Mama Bear Rushes To Save Baby Trapped On Highway

There is a reason that protective people often call themselves “mama bears” when explaining a scary situation.

Everyone knows not to mess with a mama bear, and they certainly know that she would do just about anything for her young.

In this video, a mama bear did just that when she realized her small cub had managed to get himself into a sticky situation!

Ricky Forbes, a driver, shared footage of a mother bear reaching over a barrier to scoop up her young cub.

It seems the little one got stuck, probably unable to keep up with his crafty mama, and the situation could have gotten dicey fast. If he walked the wrong way, he’d walk right in front of a moving vehicle!

The bear family was captured on camera in British Columbia’s Kootenay National Park during the scene. Mom’s rescue is quick and successful. As any mom who’s ever seen their child in danger can agree, you don’t want to take a long time to fix things! Thank goodness she acted fast.

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