Canadian Airline Goes Above And Beyond For Pets Affected By Wildfires

Recently, wildfires broke out across Fort McMurray, requiring over 80,000 residents to evacuate.

In response, Canadian North, a Calgary airline, immediately stepped up to lend a helping hand. They sentevacuation plane after evacuation plane to shuttle folks to safety.

However, humans weren’t the only creatures endangered by these fires. Their pets also required evacuation, most of whom were typically not permittedto fly on planes.

Thankfully, Canadian North quickly deemed this worry a non-issue. They lifted theirnormal pet travel restrictions and allowed these furry companionsto travel with their owners in the planes’ main cabins.

But Canadian North’s accommodations weren’tfinished yet.

When one pregnant, displaced passenger began going into labor, the Canadian North team offered to cat-sit her precious Meow Meowduring the delivery.

Meow Meow quickly became one of the airline office’s most talked about employees!

Keep scrolling through to see all the ways this airline went above and beyond to keep theseevacuees out of harm’s way.

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When Northern Alberta blazed with wildfires recently, over 80,000 residents found themselves in need of immediate evacuation.

Thankfully, Canadian North, a Calgary airline, stepped up to the challenge.

They shuttled planes upon planes full of passengers to safety, even allowing these evacuees to bring their beloved pets onboard the main cabins for the ride.


Thanks to Canadian North’s actions, these furry companions were able to escape the wildfires with their parents.


As one Canadian North spokesperson told The Huffington Post Canada, “It’s definitely unusual to carry pets in the cabin, but due to the unusual circumstances we were able to bend the rules to accommodate these animals.”


Most of these animals had never traveled through the air before.

The entire situation was new and exciting.

There was no telling what circumstances these folks were leaving behind, as fires raged all around their properties.

Thus, the opportunity to shuttle boththe people and pets they loved out of immediatedanger was an absolute gift.


This airline’s compassion, though, transcended merely shuttling passengers out of harm’s way.

When Krystal Scott, apregnantevacuee, went into labor during the flight, airline personnel volunteered to cat-sit her precious kitty, Meow Meow, while she headed off to the hospital.

Meow Meow the cat officially became Canadian North’s first feline employee.

Airline stafferseven went ahead and crafted her own ID badge to make the gig official.


Everyone in the office played a part in keepingMeow Meow’s spirits up while her mom wasinthe hospital.


She wandered the halls, exploring every inch of the office.


Even adorable kitty employees deserve a break from the office action every once in a while.


Thanks to this airline’s rapid response and commitment to their passengers safety, regardless of species, these folks were all able to escape immediate danger, unharmed.

What do you think of this rescue? Have you ever been evacuated due to an impending natural disaster? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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