Cartoon Trump Roasts the Oscar Nominees: Im Going to Miss My Lady Bird Hope Hicks

Stephen Colberts new Showtime series Our Cartoon President has a knack for making its cold open sequences ultra-timelyno small feat for an animated show. And this Sundays episode is no exception.

In the exclusive clip below, President Trump is revealed as a last-minute replacement Oscar host for Jimmy Kimmel thanks to the work of some Russian bots. And he begins by giving his impressions of this years Best Picture nominees.

I watched Get Out sitting next to Jeff Sessions, he says. The guy wouldnt stop taking notes and smiling like hes in a toothpaste commercial.

Call Me by Your Name? If I wanted to see a lanky boy get screwed on foreign soil, Id hang out with Jared Kushner.

Oh, Im going to miss my Lady Bird Hope Hicks, he adds in another timely reference, before admitting to being a big fan of Pixars Coco, or any movie about a group of singing and dancing dead Mexicans.

Later, Vice President Mike Pence sings Danny Boy as an In Memoriam montage of real-life Hollywood predators plays on the screen behind him with Trumps running commentary.

I forgot Spacey went this year. Tambor! Did not see that coming. Brett Ratner, absolutely saw that one coming, Trump remarks. Makes you think, how much longer do I have?


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