Cat Adorably Lounges Around Next To Dad While He Shows How Simple It Is To Sharpen $1 Knife

Whenever you’re getting appliances for your kitchen, or your home in general, you will undeniably search for the best deal.

But, sometimes those appliances are not the most efficient.

A 10 dollar food processor could never really work as well as a $100 one, right?

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. So, the less money that something costs, although it’s easy on your wallet, it usually won’t last as long or work as well as the more top shelf products.

But, this man you’re about to meet named Jun, actually thinks he has a lifehack that can help you out in the knife department.

Instead of spending $85 on an amazing cooking knife that claims to cut through wood, he decided to buy a knife from the dollar store.

And even if the dollar store knife was something you weren’t happy with, he shows you exactly how to make it better.

With two simple sharpener products which can be bought on amazon, he sharpens the knife to perfection.

And the best part of it all might be his imaginedsous-chef, the goofy lounging cat that is in every shot.

Clearly this man knows his tricks, but his cat seems to know just what to do to catch his attention too.

What do you think about this knife sharpeningtrick? Is the dollar store yournew one stop shop?

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