Cat-Packs Are The Purrfect Way To Take Your Pets On Fun Adventures

Youve seen dog carriers, but what about carriers specifically for cats?

Well here we have the ideal cat transporter that wont freak your cat out (like they get when put in typical pet carriers). These are great if you are travelling, going to the vet or simply want to have your cat experience the sights and smells of the outdoors without running off.

Check out this cool cat carrier!

Its called the cat-pack and it is put out by U-Pet. Unlike typical carriers, this has a big porthole for cats to peer out of while still feeling protected.

They have breathing holes as well, and so far the reviews for these colorful carriers have been very positive!

Heres one Amazon review which sums these carriers up nicely:

“It’s so cute and unique. With the bubble window, it makes me think of a tiny spaceship with a cat at the helm.”

As you see, the cat looks pretty content inside one of these things!

They are not limited to one size either, nor one particular shape. Whether a large cat or a small cat, there is a cat-pack size that will fit your feline.

How much do they cost? They start at $79 and are available on Amazon.


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