Cat Really Hates It When Her Owner Sings Despite Her Beautiful Voice

We all have those sounds that, as soon as we hear them, make our head feel like it’s about to explode. There’s the classic “nails on a chalkboard” that gets on everyone’s nerves pretty muchunanimously around the world, but there are plenty of other noises that might seem totally normal to us yet make our friend’s skin crawl.For instance, I don’t mind the sound of crunching chips or food, but one of my best friends goes absolutely berserk every time she’s near any loudsnackers.

Apparently, the little ladyin the video below is reallynot a fan of listening to herowner sing. Either that, or she’s got a real grudge against Swedish super-pop stars known as ABBA! Whatever her reasoning, it’s a shame she can’t appreciate the lovely vocal range the woman puts on displays as she belts out the tune “Thank You for the Music.”

The cat’s name is Sunny, and she has livedwithMarianne Kane and her husband, as well as two other cats and dog, since being rescued from the desert of Saudi Arabia. Abandoned by her mother, Sunny is clearly one of the family in this home as she has no qualms about making her opinions known. While the other furry faces sit idly by as Marianne begins to sing, you can see Sunny skulk her way around the table to launch into her protest.

And I do mean “launch” quite literally here, folks. Take a look and see the funnyfeline for yourself.

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