Cat Rolls Around In A Bathtub, Then Emerges With Glitter All Over His Black Fur

If you’re a pet owner (whether it’s a dog or cat), you know all of your pet’s quirks. Your pet is very much like a child: you care for him or her, and your love is boundless!

But sometimes, pets will surprise us with their antics, and luckily some of them are caught on camera. After all, who wouldn’t want to share with the world just how awesome and special that furry pal is?

Salem the cat is no different, and his owner loves him for all of his quirks, and more!

One day, she had used a LUSHBath Bomb in the shower, which left glitter all over the ceramic tub.

Salem found the remnants of the fragrant bath bomb irresistible, so did the only thing he wantedto do: he got in himself, and rolled around.

The result? The black cat’s fur was absolutely covered in glitter, making him the most luxurious and glamorous cat we’ve ever seen!

But Salem doesn’t just try it out once. He goes back again and again, even adorably rolling over on his back, almost begging for more. But we know something he doesn’t since he’s going to have that glitter all over him for more than just a few minutes!

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