This Cat Does Not Want Your Stupid Mail

Here’s one way to deal with junk mail. 

A video posted on YouTube and Live Leak shows someone trying to deliver letters through a mail slot, but a cat on the other side is making the task extremely difficult. 

The footage appears to have been recorded by a postal worker, although that’s not clear. It’s also not clear when or where the clip was filmed.

What is clear is that this kitty has a thing for the mail, in some cases trying to keep it out and in others, pulling it in: 


12 Heartwarming Before and After Photos of Adopted Dogs

BeforeNAfterAdoption is one of my favorite subreddits. With over 35,000 members, the community is described as:

‘a place to share the amazing difference a loving family can make on an abandoned animal.’

Nearly a year ago we shared a gallery of before and after adoption pics and we wanted to follow up with more heartwarming photos shared in the last year that truly show the difference a loving family can make!

If you enjoy this gallery be sure to head over to /r/BeforeNAfterAdoption for hundreds more stories with happy endings :)

Photographs by sweetoldetc

Photographs by Hippyandcarrots

Photographs by TriggerGunner

Photographs by NoSleepTillWhiterun

Photographs by CowtheHankDog

Photographs by iBleeedorange

Photographs by Codemanna

Photographs by alainap04

Photographs by socks4tay

Photographs by Axewerfer

Photographs by baldylox

Photographs by Gniwa


15+ Cats Who Just Realized You Took Them To The Vet

Today is the international Take your cat to the vet day! Unfortunately, little fuzzball doesn’t care about human days. What shall you do?

Start with doing mock checkups at home, to get the kitty used to being poked, prodded and squeezed. Get the cat familiarized with the (preferably) solid carrier let Admiral Wuss-Wuss sleep in it, leave in the living room, and make it a general part of life. Next comes car familiarization: take your cat on small rides, and gently increase their length so that Mittens gets used to it, as well as disassociating rides from vet visits.

Its also a good thing to take a towel or blanket that smells of home with you. Use it to make the kitty calmer in the waiting room, in the procedure area, and even leave this bit of home if overnight stay is required. Having a good rapport with the vet also helps being less stressed and having a caring doctor helps the cat, too!


The high-flying heroes saving animals from kill shelters.

On a clear, sunny day, Galaxy took flight.

The lanky white German shepherd soared high above the clouds on a private plane, a far cry from the streets of Southaven, Mississippi, where she was found. After getting used to the motion, Galaxy settled in to relax. She was finally going home.

All images via Pilots N Paws, used with permission.

Galaxy is one of the many lucky pets rescued and transported by Pilots N Paws, a nonprofit that pairs volunteer pilots with animals in need.

Pilots N Paws (PNP) was created in 2008, when Debi Boies asked pilot Jon Wehrenberg to help her fly a Doberman from Florida to South Carolina to save it from a cruel fate. The successful flight sparked the idea to rescue and relocated more animals — a service that is sorely needed.

Despite the success of spay and neuter campaigns, pet overpopulation remains a serious issue, and kill shelters are common, with an estimated 1.5 million dogs and cats euthanized each year. This problem is especially pronounced in parts of the rural South where there is limited access to affordable spaying and neutering services and poorly enforced leash laws.

PNP has more than 5,000 volunteer pilots using its online message board to look for animals in need of relocation.

Some pilots may be flying for business or pleasure and will pick up an animal headed to or from their destination. Others will take to the air specifically for PNP missions, each about 300 miles, bringing their kids or families along. It’s a great way to volunteer, take to the skies, and see a new city outside of lunch at the airport.

PNP executive director Kate Quinn shared a recent e-mail from one of the pilots who wrote, “For me personally, I love to fly, my kids and I love animals, we always adopt rescue dogs. PNP gives me a rewarding reason to fly rather than just getting a burger.”

The organization boasts another 12,000 volunteers on the ground who assist as foster parents, help out with transport to and from the airport, and coordinate rescues and pick-ups from shelters. A few of these volunteers have even started taking flying lessons so they can fly for PNP.

This year, PNP pilots will transport more than 15,000 animals.

Since the organization’s founding, more than 150,000 animals have been rescued and relocated, including sweet Galaxy.

After getting picked up in Mississippi, she was taken in by a white German shepherd rescue in Tennessee then flew with pilot Jim Carney to her foster home in Alton, Illinois.

All of this may seem like a lot of work, time, and effort to save one pet, but it’s bigger than that.

Each animal rescued becomes a beloved family member, trusted companion, loyal best friend, or even a hard working service dog. The animals are grateful beyond measure to live out their lives with loving families. For the humans, the gratitude is mutual.

“It’s amazing to see the pilots stay in touch with the adoptive homes. They’ll get Christmas cards and updates,” Quinn says. “It’s something that has a ripple effect. … I think it just enriches peoples lives.”

After all, they’re good dogs, Brent. And good people too.


More than dozen exotic animals living in unacceptable conditions at Nevada home

 (Nye County Sheriff’s Office)

Authorities in Nevada were investigating a possible case of animal cruelty Wednesday after reports of exotic animals living in unacceptable conditions.

Nye County sheriffs deputies and Nevada Division of Wildlife officers converged on a home in Pahrump and found several lions, tigers and an illegal species of fox at the house, according to Fox 5 Vegas.

Officials found animals locked in bedrooms with urine and feces on the walls and floors. Deputies also found a Canadian Siberian lynx, which doesnt need a permit in Nye County, and a Fennec fox, which is a violation of state code to have.

Authorities said in total they found 15 animals in total: 8 Canadian Siberian lynx hybrid cats, 2 African lionesses, an African lion, a Bengal tiger, a black panther, a Fennec fox and a cervel caracal hybrid cat.

More on this…


Animal shelter celebrates adopting all their dogs in heartwarming video

One Colorado animal shelter has a lot to celebrate this holiday season.

For two days in a row, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region adopted all of their available dogs.

The group was able to achieve the heartwarming success with their #HomeForTheHolidays promotion, helping them adopt over 25 dogs and 23 cats.

The non-profit shared the news through a triumphant video on their Facebook page, accompanied with the proud message, “What happens when your last available dog gets adopted? Your staff and volunteers jump into the kennels to celebrate!”

The shelter already has new animals in need of homes, and asks that people, “keep those adoptions coming!”

You can adopt, or sponsor an animal’s stay at “Hotel HSPPR” here.


Two Cats In Japan Have Been Trying To Sneak Into A Museum For Years (30 Pics)

What do you do after you fail? Purr your disappointment away and try harder. Two devoted art lovers have been trying to get into the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art for YEARS now, but have been consistently kicked out just as they were entering it. Meet Ken Chan and Gosaku, the most persistent feline out there.

It started a couple of years ago when the meowseum debuted a show entitled “Cats — Mitsuaki Iwago Photography Exhibition.” Just days after the exhibit opened, an unusual visitor arrived, creating the best publicity for the event you could imagine. The security guard, however, blocked its path at the front door. In March of last year, the same black neighbourhood cat returned. But this time it brought a ginger friend. Sadly, the two of them were forced to turn around.

The two have probably taken residence somewhere nearby the meowseum, because they keep coming back again and again. Eventually, its staff started tweeting photos of the times they drop by, making them internet celebrities.

And while they haven’t yet officially made their way inside, at least they receive snuggles and pets from the white-gloved guards when they take the art lovers back outside.

Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art spends most of its day refusing cats to get in

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

There are the two culprits. The black one

Image credits: @bijutsu1

And the ginger one

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

It all started a couple of years ago when the meowseum debuted a show entitled “Cats — Mitsuaki Iwago Photography Exhibition”

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Just days after the exhibit opened, an unusual visitor arrived, creating the best publicity for the event you could imagine

Image credits: @bijutsu1

The security guard, however, blocked its path at the front door

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @jiffington

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

In March of last year, the same black neighbourhood cat returned

Image credits: @jiffington

But this time it brought its ginger friend

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Sadly, the two of them were forced to turn around

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

The two have probably taken residence somewhere nearby the meowseum, because they keep coming back again and again

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

Image credits: @bijutsu1

But while they haven’t yet officially made their way inside

Image credits: @bijutsu1

At least they sometimes get to take a peek at the good stuff

Image credits: @megsfrantz

Taking a break from attempting to get in

Image credits: @bijutsu1

The meowseum has even made cool merch dedicated to the furry art lovers

Check out the duo in action in the video below


Cat charity shop sells electrician’s 200 tools for 1 – BBC News

Image copyright Andrew Bickel

A Cardiff charity shop mistakenly sold an electrician’s 200 tools for just 1 after he left them unattended.

Andrew Bickel, 39, was fixing a faulty light at the Catwel shop in Heath on Thursday as a favour for the cat re-housing charity.

He said he nipped outside to get something from his van and when he returned his tools had been sold.

“The lady in the shop was really upset,” said Mr Bickel. “Fortunately I can laugh at it now”.

Mr Bickel, from Heath, later posted on Facebook: “Doing a love job in a charity shop, put my tools down, went to the van, came back and the old lady on the till sold them for 1.

“Funny but fuming. Over 200 worth.”

After his post was shared almost 90 times, an electrical company on Ocean Way, Cardiff got in touch and offered him a new set of tools free of charge.

“It was a really kind gesture,” said Mr Bickel.

Image copyright Google

Mr Bickel said when he went into the charity shop on Thursday it was busy. He left his tools by a bookcase and went to get something from his van.

When he returned and asked where his tools were, he said the lady in the shop “put her hand over her mouth” and said they had just been sold.

She told him a man came to the till saying there was no price tag on them, but he had found them in a bargain bin.

“He must have known what he was doing,” said Mr Bickel.

The 200 tools included a wrap of professional screwdrivers, an expensive pair of pliers and wire cutters and an electricity tester.

“I was laughing yesterday and am still laughing today,” he said.

Mr Bickel even admitted that he is allergic to cats and was “more of a dog person”.

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Pet Owners Are Calling Vets Because Their Dogs Are Sick With Marijuana Poisoning

The landslide of legislation legalizing marijuana across the US is having a rather unusual side effect – an uptick in the number of people calling their vet because their pet has managed to get a hold of their stash.

According to the American Veterinarian Medical Association, the number of concerned pet owners ringing up the Veterinary Services Poison Helpline has soared by 448 percent in just six years. And while cats and even raccoons have been known to ingest cannabis, dogs are the worst culprits. Ninety percent of incidents involve dogs, Laura Stern, a veterinarian with the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, told NBC.

First things first: Dogs are unlikely to die from cannabis. That is not to say THC, a chemical compound responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive properties, cannot result in some pretty horrid symptoms, including vomiting, abnormal heart rate, low body temperature, and low blood pressure.

“The best way to compare it is to the idea of a really bad trip,” Peter Bowie, a veterinarian at Pet Emergency & Special Center of Marin, California, told NBC. He says he often sees four or five cases like these a week.

In extreme cases, it can cause seizures, comas, and even death – so veterinarian attention as soon as you notice any symptoms (or realize your pet has been sneaking into your supply) is important. The good news is that while prevention is always best, there are treatments available should they be needed.

The reason dogs display such an adverse reaction is due to their higher concentrations of cannabinoid receptors. This makes them more susceptible to the drug’s effects. The more concentrated the THC, therefore, the more severe the reaction.

Edibles can be particularly troublesome, not just because of their higher THC content but because they can contain other harmful ingredients like chocolate or (if you prefer healthier options) raisins

As far as medical marijuana for pets goes (yes, that is a thing), it may be worth giving it a miss, for now. There is evidence to suggest there may be therapeutic benefits to prescribing your canine or feline (THC-free) cannabis products but information concerning efficacy, dosage size, and potential side effects have not been fully established.

If you have a pet that may be at risk, it may be time to rethink your storage solutions – particularly if you own a lab. After all, dogs are notorious food thieves


Olympic golf: Henrik Stenson contends for gold after reptile encounter

(CNN)The world’s leading golfers cited fears over the Zika virus when they opted to skip the Rio 2016 Olympics.

However, wildlife of a larger size than mosquitoes threatened to disrupt the gold-medal hopes of one title contender during Saturday’s third round of the men’s competition.
    Henrik Stenson had joked before the Games that he was more worried by bears than insects bearing the virus — which can cause birth defects — and he showed his courage when he approached what was reportedly a basking a caiman that had strayed onto the course, then poked it with his club.
    Video footage posted on social showed the Swede move towards the reptile — caimans are related to crocodiles and alligators — with club outstretched before quickly stepping back and moving on.
    Golfers have been sharing the Olympic Golf Course with a variety of wildlife this week.
    Spain’s Sergio Garcia and American Bernd Wiesberger were pictured looking on at a stray capybara on Friday. Meanwhile, rumors have abounded of the various types of snakes, including a giant boa constrictor, that reside in and around the golf course.
    “I don’t know what’s true and what’s not,” Patrick Reed of the US was quoted as saying by USA Today earlier in the week. “I heard there’s coral snakes out here. If there’s a boa constrictor, I’ll fight one of those before I’ll fight a coral snake.”
    “The good thing is how many people we have around here. I think a boa constrictor, if you were to have any kind of encounter with a snake like that, you have enough people here where you could figure out a way to fight it off.”




      Take a look at Rio’s Olympic golf course


    At stake is golf’s first gold medal since 1904, when it was last an Olympic sport.
    “It feels good to be out there with Marcus again and Justin, a good friend and Ryder Cup partner, and to battle it out,” Stenson told reporters.
    “It would be great to win a medal, we have been waiting a long time. I came here to give myself a chance and it looks like that way.”
    World No. 6 Bubba Watson of the USA was tied for fourth with Sweden’s David Lingmerth and Argentine Emiliano Grillo on six under, six shots off the lead.


    Do Animals Use Drugs In The Wild?

    The desire to experience altered states of consciousness is something that has united virtually every human culture and civilization since the dawn of man. Yet we arent the only species to seek out mind-bending substances, and several animals have shown a similar propensity for drugs, whether for medicinal purposes or simply for the thrill of it.

    In fact, legend has it that the story of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and his flying herd-mates originates in Siberia, where the highly hallucinogenic fly agaric mushroom grows in abundance. Containing the hallucinogenic compound muscimol, the red and white speckled toadstool can be toxic to humans, but is safely metabolized by reindeer.

    The animals have often been seen acting high after ingesting the shrooms, giving birth to the notion of Santas flying reindeer. Some Siberian shamans are even said to drink the urine of these intoxicated creatures, as it provides a less toxic source of psilocybin.

    The idea of Santa’s flying reindeer may be rooted in the animals’ tendency to get high on magic mushrooms.Shebeko/Shutterstock

    Many animals also have a taste for alcohol, with boozy bees being a prime example. When the sugar in nectar is fermented by natural yeasts, it becomes intoxicating to the insects that collect it, causing bees to fall into a drunken stupor.

    However, returning to the hive drunk is a major faux pas, and the workers guarding the entrance to the comb will often refuse entry to anyone trying to enter while under the influence.

    Another animal that feeds on fermented nectar is the pen-tailed shrew. However, unlike bees, the shrew is able to metabolize this alcohol into ethyl glucuronide, which is then incorporated into its fur.

    Vervet monkeys, meanwhile, developed a taste for booze after being transported to the Caribbean from Africa several centuries ago. The early arrivals regularly got completely trolleyed on fermented sugar cane, and recent studies found that most monkeys now prefer alcoholic solutions to sugary water when given the choice.

    Aside from rum, Latin Americas other famous export is cocaine, which is produced by the Andean coca plant as a type of pesticide. Most insects die if they ingest it, although a caterpillar called Eloria noyesi is immune to the effects of cocaine, thanks to the fact that its dopamine transporters are resistant to the drugs effects.

    The bug has therefore developed a taste for the coca leaf, and the Colombian government has in the past toyed with the idea of unleashing the caterpillar on illegal coca plantations.

    And while cocaine may be one of the most addictive drugs of abuse known to man, the coca leaf also has some medicinal value. Chewing it helps to relieve altitude sickness, which is extremely useful in the high Andes. According to some legends, the leafs benefits were first discovered by ancient llama herders, after noticing that the animals became more mobile when chewing on the plant.

    The coca leaf can help to alleviate altitude sickness.Yakov Oskanov/Shutterstock

    Opioids are another highly addictive class of drugs, and are responsible for a huge number of overdose deaths every year. In Australia, wallabies have been known to act strangely after eating poppies the plant from which heroin is produced. A government official recently highlighted the issue in a parliamentary debate, explaining that the marsupials tend to get as high as a kite and wander around creating crop circles.

    Therefore, while philosophers and anthropologists have tended to take the lead in the quest to understand the roots of mankinds ubiquitous fascination with altered states of consciousness, evolutionary biologists may actually be better equipped to solve this riddle. Given the number of different species that use drugs, its highly possible that the impulse to get out of our minds could be a product of our evolutionary heritage.


    Spate of sea lion attacks prompt officials to close part of San Francisco Bay to swimmers

    A spate of a sea lion attacks have prompted authorities to close part of San Francisco Bay to swimmers.

    The Telegraph reports that three swimmers were attacked by sea lions in the space of a week around the same area in San Francisco Bay. The attacks prompted officials to close the Aquatic Park Cove, a popular spot for swimming near Fisherman’s Wharf.

    Aquatic Park Cove is part of the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park, which is run by the National Park Service.


    “For public safety, the Aquatic Park Cove has been closed to swimming until Wednesday, December 20. Swimmers have received marine mammal bites in the last several days,” explained the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park, in a statement on its website.

    The attacks prompted the closure of Aquatic Park Cove to swimmers on Dec. 15. The Cove was initially scheduled to re-open on Monday Dec. 18. However, on Monday, officials announced that the site would be closed to swimmers until Wednesday.


    On Thursday Dec. 14, San Francisco Fire Department reported that a swimmer was bitten on the arm by a sea lion in the waters off Aquatic Park Cove.

    The San Francisco Police Department’s Marine Unit applied a tourniquet to the man’s arm before he was taken to hospital, according to the Sacramento Bee.

    A second swimmer was reportedly bitten in the groin by a sea lion on Friday morning.


    The Telegraph reports that a third swimmer was bitten earlier in the week but sustained only minor injuries and did not require medical treatment.

    At this stage, it’s unclear what is causing the attacks. Fox News has reached out to the National Park Service for comment on this story. 

    In a 2015 case study, experts explained that biting incidents involving sea lion and seals, although not unheard of, are rare in the waters of San Francisco Bay.


    “Reports of bites and contact abrasions from sea lions and harbor seals are relatively rare in open-water swimmers and typically involve the lower extremities,” explained the authors. “The majority of cases in our series occurred at low tide, and bumping of the swimmer by the animal before or after a bite was common, but no clear tide or attack pattern was identified.”

    However, in 2006, a rogue sea lion menaced swimmers in San Francisco Bay, biting at least 14 people, according to the San Francisco’s Chronicle’s SFGATE website.

    Earlier this year, a young girl was dragged into the water by a sea lion in Vancouver. She survived the dramatic attack, which was captured on video.

    Follow James Rogers on Twitter @jamesjrogers



    Puppies Or Food? 8+ Pics That Will Make You Question Reality

    Sometimes you have to stop everything you’re doing and start questioning things, like, is this a chihuahua or a muffin? Labradoodle or fried chicken? Puppy or bagel? These are the tough questions Karen Zack is raising on her twitter @teenybiscuit.

    Karen describes herself as a “media production workhorse,” and she must really know her thing. Her funny animal and food comparison tweets are going viral all over the Internet.

    Have more uncanny dog comparisons to add? Upload your pics! Instagram’s brunch photos will never look the same again.


    Whales and dolphins lead ‘human-like lives’ thanks to big brains, says study

    The cultural brain hypothesis of human development could also explain cetaceans forming friendships and even gossiping

    Life is not so different beneath the ocean waves. Bottlenose dolphins use simple tools, orcas call each other by name, and sperm whales talk in local dialects. Many cetaceans live in tight-knit groups and spend a good deal of time at play.

    That much scientists know. But in a new study, researchers compiled a list of the rich behaviours spotted in 90 different species of dolphins, whales and porpoises, and found that the bigger the species brain, the more complex indeed, the more human-like their lives are likely to be.

    This suggests that the cultural brain hypothesis the theory that suggests our intelligence developed as a way of coping with large and complex social groups may apply to whales and dolphins, as well as humans.

    Writing in the journal, Nature Ecology and Evolution, the researchers claim that complex social and cultural characteristics, such as hunting together, developing regional dialects and learning from observation, are linked to the expansion of the animals brains a process known as encephalisation.

    The researchers gathered records of dolphins playing with humpback whales, helping fishermen with their catches, and even producing signature whistles for dolphins that are absent suggesting the animals may even gossip.

    Another common behaviour was adult animals raising unrelated young. There is the saying that it takes a village to raise a child [and that] seems to be true for both whales and humans, said Michael Muthukrishna, an economic psychologist and co-author on the study at the London School of Economics.

    Dolphins off the coast of South Africa. Photograph: Rainer Schimpf/Barcroft Media

    Like humans, the cetaceans, a group made up of dolphins, whales and porpoises, are thought to do most of their learning socially rather than individually, which could explain why some species learn more complex behaviours than others. Those predominantly found alone or in small groups had the smallest brains, the researchers led by Susanne Shultz at the University of Manchester wrote.

    Luke Rendell, a biologist at the University of St Andrews who was not involved in the study, but has done work on sperm whales and their distinctive dialects, warned against anthropomorphising and making animals appear to be like humans.

    There is a risk of sounding like there is a single train line, with humans at the final station and other animals on their way of getting there. The truth is that every animal responds to their own evolutionary pressures, he said.

    There is definitely a danger in comparing other animals to humans, especially with the data available. But what we can say for sure, is that this cultural-brain hypothesis we tested is present in primates and in cetaceans, Muthukrishna said.

    There was still much more to learn, though, he added. Studies with underwater mammals are difficult and vastly underfunded, so there is so much we dont know about these fascinating animals, he said.

    The fascination, however, should not only be interesting for people studying animals. We dont have to look at other planets to look for aliens, because we know that underwater there are these amazing species with so many parallels to us in their complex behaviours, said Muthukrishna.

    Studying evolutionarily distinct animals such as cetaceans could act as a control group for studying intelligence in general, and so help the understanding of our own intellect.

    It is interesting to think that whale and human brains are different in their structure but have brought us to the same patterns in behaviour, Rendell said. The extent of how this is close to humans can educate us about evolutionary forces in general.

    However, Muthukrishna points out that intelligence is always driven by the environment an animal finds itself in. Each environment presents a different set of challenges for an animal. When you are above water, you learn how to tackle fire, for example, he said. As smart as whales are, they will never learn to light a spark.


    Dog Makes An Unusual Best Friend When A Heartbroken Dolphin Shows Up In The Harbor

    Heartbreak can make anyone feel lonely and isolated.

    Losing someone you love can leave you feeling despondent, but friends can often lift you back up again. That’s the case for Duggie, a dolphin off the coast of Ireland, who lost her mate. Fortunately, when she entered the harbor one day, she met Ben — a Labrador who swims out into the water every day to meet up with his new best friend.

    Duggie sometimes swims off to play with other dolphins, but she always comes back to the harbor to meet up with Ben.

    Read More: When This K9 Officer Was Shot In The Line Of Duty, Two Helpful Souls Saved His Life

    Now that’s the kind of #friendshipgoals we should all aim to have.


    Kenya: Lions on the loose after escaping from national park in Nairobi

    (CNN)A group of lions escaped from a park in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, leaving residents on edge and officials scrambling to find them.

    Wildlife officials seemed to have no idea how many of the big cats sneaked out of the park Friday morning.

      The Kenya Wildlife Service tweeted that six lions wandered into residential areas, but a spokesman for the agency said the number is unclear.

      “We are depending on the public to report if they sight them,” Kenya Wildlife Service spokesman Paul Udoto told the Daily Nation.

      Predawn search

      The animals escaped from the Nairobi National Park, which is near the central business district. The park is surrounded by an electric fence to keep the animals within its confines. It’s unclear how they got out.

      Animals at the park include leopards, buffaloes and giraffes grazing in open spaces with the city’s skyline in the background.

      Officials urged vigilance and warned residents to call a toll-free number if they spot the big cats.

      “Our team has been on ground since 3 a.m. to ensure that the … lions are safely back,” the Kenya Wildlife Service tweeted.

      Lioness and cubs

      A caller told wildlife officials that the animals were seen near a hospital in Nairobi, according to Udoto. The caller said the animals included a lioness and cubs.

      “We responded immediately,” he told the newspaper. “But we have not been able to track them down.”

      Others have called to say they’ve seen the lions in crowded residential areas, he said.


      UK Daily Deals: Nintendo Switch, Dancing Animals and lots more

      Image: Amazon/Mashable

      Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable’s commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.

      It’s Friday and nothing says weekend like great shopping deals or Dancing Animal Speakers. Never dance alone again with your new friends mystical unicorn, disco dog, crunk cat, and foxy fox. Wireless. Bluetooth. USB Charged. 

      Tech and Gaming 

      Betron in Ear Noise Isolating Headphones, Bass Driven Sound with Microphone Was £24.99, now £6.49

      Portable Solar Power Bank with 2 LED Light, USB Charging Ports. This power bank can fully recharge an iPhone 6 around 8 times, Samsung S6 around 6 times and iPadAir around twice. It is solar powered which means you won’t get caught out without power. Only £20.39 until the deal runs out.

      Nintendo Switch Neon With The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild and Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle. RRP £377.97, Now £319.99

      COMISO 30W Bluetooth Speakers with Super Bass, Bamboo Wood Home Speaker with Subwoofer Was £129.99, now £50.14 

      DINTO Fast Wireless Charger with Universal Compatibility for Apple and Samsung devices Was £15.99, now £10.95

      Home and Kitchen

      Tefal CY851840 Cook4Me+ Intelligent Multicooker, LCD Screen with 100 Inbuilt Recipes Was £269.99, now £179.99

      Krups Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Silver Was £699.99, now £369.99

      Philips PerfectCare Performer Steam generator iron Was £201.86, now £144.99

      EMPO Professional Digital Kitchen Scale Was £16.60, now £8.33

      More Great Deals

      Henry Jay Mens Stainless Steel Professional Dive Watch Was £685, now £59.99

      Oral-B Smart 3D White Electric Toothbrush Was £129.99, now £48.99 

      Braun 9-in-1 Precision Trimmer with Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor Was £53.49, now £29.99

      Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser 7 LED Color Changeable Lights and 4 Timer Settings. Was £89.99, now £25.49

      EMPO® Fruit Infuser Sport Water Bottle 750ml/27oz Leak Proof Design, BPA Free, with Free Protein Shaker Ball & Detox Recipe. Was £17.90, now £6.77 

      Avoid frizzy hair with the Panasonic EH-NA65 Hair Dryer with nanoe™ technology Was £109.99, now £44.99

      Mini Bike Pump by Pro Bike Tool is super compact and lightweight. This bike pump reaches riding pressure with 30% fewer pumping strokes than conventional mini bike pumps. Perfect for the passionate cyclist.  


      Do Cats Purr When Humans Arent Around?

      Why do cats purr? Humans tend to think that purring is a sign of happiness in a cat and indeed it can be but there are other reasons why our feline friends produce this particular vocalisation.

      Purring is a habit that develops very early in a cats life, while suckling from its mother, so clearly it is not a sound that is directed solely at humans. Cat owners will be well aware that a cat can produce more than one kind of purr, just as they have a whole repertoire of meows, chirps, growls, spits and other sounds.

      The purr that is produced during suckling, is quite different in quality to the purr that you will hear when your cat is sprawling across your lap being stroked. Analysis of the sound has shown when a cat is asking for food, whether from its mother or a human the purr contains a high-pitched note that is similar in frequency to a cry (though not as loud). It may have something of the effect of the cry of a newborn, which affects the hormonal state of female mammals and elicits a care-giving response.

      When a cat is being petted or is snuggled up to its owner on the sofa, the purr it produces is much more soporific and generally soothing, and acoustic analysis shows that the cry component is missing.

      Adult cats will often purr when they are close to or in physical contact with another cat, engaging in grooming for example. They will also do it when they play with an inanimate object, or while eating, which can be at a time when they are alone. However, the most usual time for purring is in company, and it can be the care soliciting sound, asking to be fed or stroked, or an indication of social pleasure.

      Cats often purr whilst grooming one another.karamysh/Shutterstock

      The darker side

      Strangely, vets also report that cats will purr when they are in great pain or just before death. This seems to be illogical if it is a sound relating to pleasure, but in fact, it could be that the cat is asking for help.

      It could also be a way of masking the fact that the cat is injured and vulnerable. If you are a small animal, even a carnivore, it is not good to show weakness as this could encourage larger predators to come along and eat you. The purr may be the cat equivalent of everythings fine, Im on top of the world. Nothing to see here, move along please.

      Can big cats purr too?

      There has long been a debate about whether the big cats can purr and the belief has been that cats that roar, such as lions and tigers, cannot purr. Although there is no conclusive evidence on this subject, it seems that even cats that roar purr as cubs while suckling.

      It is suggested that cheetahs may purr too.Diana Robinson/Flickr,CC BY-NC-ND

      All mammals have a bone or series of bones in the throat called the hyoid apparatus, which supports the larynx and tongue. In cat species that roar the hyoid apparatus is not entirely made of bone but retains some parts as cartilage, while cat species that purr have a hyoid that is completely bony. This modification may permit roaring, but does not necessarily mean that purring is impossible. It is believed that cheetah, ocelot, margay, serval, and lynx, among other species, can purr, and it is suggested that jaguar, leopard, lion and tiger cannot or if they can theyve kept it secret all these years.

      Process behind the purr

      The actual process of producing the purring sound is complicated, and is still not completely understood, but it involves the muscles of the larynx and the diaphragm being activated by bursts of nerve activity that originate in the brain and occur 20 to 30 times every second. This happens on both in and out breaths, which accounts for the continuous sound of the purr.

      The ConversationThe fact that a cat can do all this and simultaneously eat, knead the cushions, rip the chair leg to pieces or weave complicated patterns through your legs without getting stepped on makes one wonder what they would have achieved with opposable thumbs.

      Jan Hoole, Lecturer in Biology, Keele University

      This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.


      Jimmy Fallon’s puppies predict a landslide Super Bowl victory this year

      With Super Bowl 50 just days away, Jimmy Fallon is turning to his most trusted advisors to predict the winner.

      Its a time-honored tradition at Fallons Tonight Show to let puppies call the winner of major sporting events.Not only do they amuse us for sport, but they get to munch on all the kibble they wantand Fallon has a hell of a lineup.

      If the puppies have anything to say about it, itll won’t just be a clear victoryit’ll be a landslide.

      But make no mistake. Right or wrong, this year’s puppies called the Broncos to win it all.

      Screengrab via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube


      Muslim databases and ‘rabid dogs’: Trump, Carson and GOP in explosion of rhetoric over Syrians

      Trump suggests tracking all Muslims in the US, while Carsons comments mark further low point after House vote singles out people fleeing Middle East conflict

      The race for the Republican nomination for the White House took a new turn in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks on Thursday as the front-runner, Donald Trump, called for a database to track Muslims living in the United States, while his closest rival, Ben Carson, suggested refugees of the Syrian conflict should be screened as they might be rabid dogs.

      As the rhetoric exploded, the House of Representatives voted by an overwhelming majority to stiffen requirements to vet Syrian refugees seeking to enter the United States, and CNN, the cable news network, suspended a reporter for two weeks for reporting the news on Twitter with the comment: Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish.

      Elise Labott (@eliselabottcnn) November 19, 2015

      House passes bill that could limit Syrian refugees. Statue of Liberty bows head in anguish @CNNPolitics

      A week after attackers linked with the Islamic State group killed 132 people in Paris, the simmering political debate in the United States rose to a boil, with Trump, Carson, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, former Florida governor Jeb Bush and others floating new proposals they said would protect the United States from such an event.

      Earlier in the week Cruz and Bush proposed a religious test for refugees from Syria only about 2,200 of whom have entered the United States in the last four years after extensive security vetting saying that Christian applicants should be prioritized.

      By Thursday a religious test for refugees had become a religious test for all Americans for one Republican candidate, with Trump telling reporters he would absolutely implement a database of American Muslims and unspecified other measures.

      I would certainly implement that. Absolutely, Trump told NBC between town hall appearances in Iowa. There should be a lot of systems, beyond databases, he added. We should have a lot of systems. And today you can do it.

      Asked whether there would be a sign-up at mosques, Trump said: Different places. You sign them up at different places. Its all about management.

      Asked how the practice of registering Muslims would be different from registering Jews in Nazi Germany, Trump said: You tell me.

      Earlier he told Yahoo: Certain things will be done that we never thought would happen in this country in terms of information and learning about the enemy.

      Asked whether this might mean registering Muslims in a database or giving them a form of special identification that noted their religion, the candidate would not rule it out.

      Were going to have to look at a lot of things very closely, Trump said. Were going to have to look at the mosques. Were going to have to look very, very carefully.

      The US Holocaust Memorial Museum was moved to join the debate on Thursday with an extraordinary statement.

      The US governors who are rejecting refugees

      Acutely aware of the consequences to Jews who were unable to flee Nazism, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum looks with concern upon the current refugee crisis, the statement began. While recognizing that security concerns must be fully addressed, we should not turn our backs on the thousands of legitimate refugees.

      A spokesperson for the museum said the statement was not released based on any one statement from a presidential candidate or on the House vote.

      We have been evaluating the situation over the past days and weeks, said museum spokesman Andrew Hollinger in an email to the Guardian. The statement was not timed with a specific announcement. It was released when we evaluated the situation and felt that we needed to contribute to the conversations.

      On Thursday, Carson, who has opposed all new entries for Syrian refugees, sought to explain his position at a campaign stop in Alabama with an analogy about rabid dogs.

      If theres a rabid dog running around in your neighborhood, youre probably not going to assume something good about that dog, Carson said. And youre probably going to put your children out of the way. That doesnt mean that you hate all dogs. The retired neurosurgeon later insisted that his statement only referred to terrorists.

      The clamor stateside followed sharp criticism of the Republican position on Tuesday from Barack Obama, speaking in the Philippines where he was attending a regional summit.

      We are not well served when, in response to a terrorist attack, we descend into fear and panic, Obama said. We dont make good decisions if its based on hysteria or an exaggeration of risks.

      Barack Obama criticises Republicans over Syrian refugees

      The House vote was widely seen as a symbolic acknowledgment of national angst in the wake of the latest brazen terror attack on a world capital.

      Democrat Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri, who opposed the House bill, told reporters: People are scared it has nothing to do with party affiliation, but people in this country right now are frightened over what they see as a flawed immigration system.

      He said any politician who disregarded the legitimate and very real fear thats out there, were going to get slapped around. However he insisted the bill was simply designed to make people feel better about a vetting process that was already very rigorous and would never become law.

      Cleaver echoed the thoughts of Bob Corker, the Republican chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The Tennessee senator told reporters that he thought the administration was undermining its own attempts to convince the American public that Syrian refugees should continue to be admitted.

      Someone needs to explain clearly to American people the processes that we go through before we admit refugees, Corker said. To browbeat someone because they are concerned about their kids is not a productive process.

      Additional reporting by Alan Yuhas in New York


      The Science Behind Why Cats Meow Is Oddly Touching (And Very Surprising)

      Everyone knows that dogs bark and cats meow, but we really didn’t know why. That’s what inspired this group of scientists to dig around and figure out what causes the cat’s meow.

      The answer that they found is pretty flattering, and so surprising. When you learn the truth, you’ll never look at your feline friends the same way again.

      That certainly explains a lot. Here’s what veterinarian Dr. John Bradshaw of Bristol University had to say:

      The meow starts off as a kitten vocalization. It’s something they use in order to call their mothers over…the mother is very attentive to those meows. And then as the kitten grows up, it gradually stops meowing, presumably because it just stops working. The mother wants to wean the kittens and stops responding. A pet cat is constantly meowing at its owner. It’s a way of getting the owner’s attention.

      Pretty cute, am I right? They’re just trying to talk to us!


      Watching A Snow Bengal Kitten Become Friends With A Lab Puppy Is Way Too Precious

      At Maplewood Bengals in New York, they raise Bengal kittens — and they’re insanely cute. These exotic cats are adorable on their own, but this particular kitty’s new best friend really ups the precious ante.

      These two love playing together, and even though the puppy looks a little bit sleepy in the video below, it’s clear that this dynamic duo is prepping for a lifelong friendship.

      It’s a shame that all BFFs can’t be this cute! I have a feeling that these two never fight like cats and dogs.


      Owners wanted after ‘stolen’ cats seized

      Image copyright RSPCA
      Image caption The cats’ owners are thought to be in the south Manchester area

      A number of cats have been seized by police after reports that stolen animals were being kept in a house.

      Police found the cats at a property in Stretford, Greater Manchester on Wednesday.

      The RSPCA is caring for 11 cats and looking for their owners. The charity said there are no concerns for the animals’ welfare.

      A woman at the address was spoken to by officers and a safeguarding assessment will be made.

      The RSPCA said only one of the cats is microchipped but he was chipped in Italy and the contact details are not up to date.

      Ten of them are male and one, who is blind, is female.

      “We do believe that some of them may have owners in the south Manchester area and are keen to reunite them,” the RSPCA added.

      Greater Manchester Police said inquires are ongoing.

      The 11 cats whose owners the RSPCA are looking for:

      Image copyright RSPCA
      Image copyright RSPCA
      Image copyright RSPCA
      Image copyright RSPCA
      Image copyright RSPCA
      Image copyright RSPCA
      Image copyright RSPCA
      Image copyright RSPCA
      Image copyright RSPCA
      Image copyright RSPCA
      Image copyright RSPCA
      Image caption The cats’ owners are thought to be in the south Manchester area


      20 Big Dogs Playing With Their Tiny Human Siblings

      Kids and animals are always ridiculously cute when they get together, but there’s something extra-special about kids hanging out with big dogs. They never seem to notice how much larger they are — they just want to play!

      Some people balk at the idea of getting a big dog, but they are some of the sweetest canines you will ever meet. If you’ve been lucky enough to have one, you already know that their hearts are just as ginormous as their bodies.

      Don’t believe me? Check out these 20 huge dogs playing with their tiny human siblings. It’s clear to see that there’s no friend quite like a big dog!

      1. From the very first moment, the relationship between a big dog and tiny human is a joy to behold.

      2. Before long, they start acting alike!

      3. Learning to walk and talk is a lot more fun with a big dog around.


      Sign This Petition To Stop People Who Torture Animals Owning Pets Again

      There is nothing good to be said about people who hurt animals, and now there is a petition to try and stop them from ever owning a pet again.

      It emerged this week that a little chihuahua called Chunky had been tortured by four teenagers, before being left for dead next tosome bins at the side of the road.

      He was found with a broken leg, neck, a burnt face and eyes and had even been force-fed drugs by the teens, who had tortured the poor pup over a number of hours, apparently for their own “amusement”…

      The RSPCA officer dealing with the case said:

      “This was the most disturbing case I have ever dealt with, by an absolute mile. These youths admitted feeding him drugs, kicking and punching him, and wringing and breaking his neck before dumping him. They also said they set fire to his face and eyes after lighting a deodorant aerosol can. The whole thing sends shivers down my spine.”

      Chunky made a miraculous recovery and is happy with a new family (above).

      Shockingly though, the boys were only banned from owning an animal for five years. Yes, five years before they could potentially find another dog to have “fun” with.

      So one dog-lover, and just generally sane person, Maxine Berry has set up a petition asking David Cameron to permanently ban people who abuse animals. Which, when you think about it, makes crystal clear sense…

      You can sign the petition here, and help stop dogs like Chunky being hurt again.



      Leicester turns blue in support of hometown Foxes – BBC News

      Image copyright Ian Davis
      Image caption New Walk Museum is one of dozens of landmarks in the city that are “turning blue” in support of the team, which started the campaign as 5,000-1 outsiders for the title.

      Landmarks, fans and even sausages are turning blue in Leicester as its football team get closer to winning an unexpected Premier League title.

      Leicester City Football Club – known as the Foxes – is just one win away from cinching the title.

      Last season the team was fighting relegation from England’s top flight.

      But the club is seven points ahead of second-placed Tottenham and needs only three points from three games to be certain of finishing top.

      More than 100 businesses, schools and organisations, including BBC Radio Leicester, are supporting the “Backing the Blues” campaign.

      Image caption This Foxes fan decided not to “mask” his feelings
      Image caption Country Fayre butchers in Leicester Market produced a special blue sausage in honour of the team – no reviews as yet
      Image copyright Ian Davis
      Image caption The city’s mayor Peter Soulsby has thrown his support behind the team by bathing the town hall in blue
      Image caption Graffiti artist Richard Wilson turned up in Leicester looking for a wall to paint a tribute to manager Claudio Ranieri
      Image caption Radio Leicester reporter Helen McCarthy (in funny hat) interviews fans sitting in a giant blue chair
      Image caption Bus driver Alex Vernon spent the day taking passengers from A to B dressed in his Leicester City colours


      Dalio Says Bonds Face Biggest Bear Market in Almost 40 Years

      Billionaire hedge-fund manager Ray Dalio said that the bond market has slipped into a bear phase and warned that a rise in yields could spark the biggest crisis for fixed-income investors in almost 40 years.

      “A 1 percent rise in bond yields will produce the largest bear market in bonds that we have seen since 1980 to 1981,” Bridgewater Associates founder Dalio said in a Bloomberg TV interview in Davos on Wednesday. We’re in a bear market, he said.

      A Treasury selloff extended following Dalio’s comments, pushing 10-year yields through 2.65 percent, near the highest since mid-2014.

      Dalio predicted that the Federal Reserve will tighten monetary policy faster than they have signaled, and said that economic growth is in the late stage of the cycle but could continue to improve for another two years. The current economic environment is good for stocks but bad for bond investors, said Dalio, who’s chairman of Bridgewater, the world’s biggest hedge fund.

      “It feels stupid to own cash in this kind of environment. It’s going to be great for earnings and great for stimulation of growth,” he said.

      That spurt will last for about 18 months and the central bank will then feel like it has to tighten monetary policy faster than the discounted yield curve, he said. That will be a negative for asset prices, he said.

      Demand for bonds will fall as central bankers reduce monetary stimulus, but larger deficits mean that governments will need to sell more of the securities to raise money, Dalio said. That supply-demand imbalance will concern the central bankers, he said.

      Bridgewater manages about $160 billion, according to its website.


        16 animals that are totally not dogs

        Image: louise docker/Getty Images

        Oh, are you looking for dogs? You have come to the wrong place.

        You see, there are no dogs here. Not even one dog. All the dogs are elsewhere, and none of them are here.

        If you’re looking for dogs, please go somewhere else. Sure, there are lots of animals here, but none of them are dogs.

        Here. We’ll prove it to you.

        No dogs here. Just two rabbits.

        Image: Getty Images/EyeEm

        And a nice red lobster, who is also not a dog.

        Image: richard j. newstead/Getty Images

        Please stop looking for dogs and let this sheep and cow enjoy their day.

        Image: robyn beck/AFP/Getty Images

        Insane that you would think this spider is a dog.

        Image: timothy a. clary/AFP/Getty Images

        What, have you never seen a squirrel before?

        Image: bryant scannell/Getty Images

        Please leave this shark alone. You’re scaring him.

        Image: genevieve morrison/Getty Images

        There is nothing out of the ordinary about this group of sheep. Thank you for asking, though.

        Image: louise docker/Getty Images

        How dare you insinuate that this fine fish or mermaid is a dog?

        Image: justin sullivan/getty images

        Nice try, but this is Cerberus, the three-headed guard of the underworld.

        Image: Mandel ngan/afp/getty images

        This is Big Bird.

        Image: timothy a. clary/AFP/Getty Images

        Are you trying to ruin Christmas? Let the reindeer do his job.

        Image: aleksandar nakic/Getty Images

        We don’t know what these are, but they are certainly not Dalmatians wearing hoodies.

        Image: gandee vasan/Getty Images

        This is a person in a dog costume. Don’t be ridiculous.

        Image: roy rochlin/Getty Images

        OK, whatever. We see there’s no reasoning with you.

        Good luck searching for dogs. We truly hope you find what you are looking for.


        Eleven lions die at Ugandan national park in suspected poisoning

        Authorities suspect poisoning caused deaths at popular tourist destination

        Eleven lions, including eight lion cubs, have been found dead in Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda after possibly being poisoned, a conservation official said on Thursday. The three lionesses and eight cubs were found dead near Hamukungu fishing village in the popular tourist destination.

        An investigation has been opened, but we suspect poisoning, said Bashir Hangi, a communications officer with the Uganda wildlife authority. It is still only a suspicion. We will try to establish the real cause of death.

        Lions have been killed in a number of poisoning incidents in Uganda. In May 2010, five were killed in the park in another possible poisoning case. Between May 2006 and July 2007, 15 lions died in the area in attacks blamed on landless herdsmen defending their cattle.

        The parks grasslands are home to more than 600 species of bird and about 100 types of mammal including buffalo, waterbuck, leopards, hyena and elephants.


        ‘The Lion King’s heartbreaking wildebeest scene took three years to produce

        Even though Disney’s masterfully animated The Lion King is over 20 years old, people still get “Hakuna Matata” stuck in their head. And there are still tons of facts about the film you may not know.

        Our CineFix series, Things You Didn’t Know, sinks its teeth into the highest-grossing 2D animated film ever made, and how Disney never even expected it work out (they put most of their best crew on the lower-grossing Pocahontas). But some movies just can’t wait to be king.

        Subscribe to CineFix for more videos:


        Tourists Were Taking Selfies With A Baby Dolphin…And It Died As A Result

        In Argentina, people lined up for what seemed like a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity with a baby dolphin, but their actions possibly ended the creature’s life.

        After a person spotted a baby Franciscana dolphin close to the shore at a local beach, they took it out of the water so that people could take selfies with the animal. Allegedly, they kept it out of the water for too long, the dolphin overheated and died.

        What’s worse is that this particular species is endangered.

        People couldn’t resist the temptation of taking pictures, and their actions ultimately doomed the poor creature.

        Baby dolphin dies after tourists ‘pull it out of ocean for selfies’

        Posted by The Independent on Thursday, February 18, 2016

        Various wildlife organizations have responded to the tragic incident.

        It’s possible that the baby dolphin perished before the crowd got their hands on it (which is why it was so close to the shore or possibly washed ashore). Whether or not it was already dead, there is a lesson to be learned here: love our planet and give nature the distance and respect it deserves.


        There’s new hope for saving the world’s rarest cat after 2 Scottish kittens were rescued.

        The Scottish wildcat is a critically endangered species, believed to be the last remaining wild feline species in Britain. By some estimates, there are only about 35 of them left in the wild. Their numbers have been decimated through hunting, environmental changes, and crossbreeding with feral house cats. (For all of the cat parents out there, yes, it looks much like a very large tabby.)

        But there’s a new ray of hope — all thanks to the discovery of 2-month-old orphaned kittens in the Scottish highlands.

        They were found dehydrated, hungry, and dangerously close to a road. Now, they have a chance to not only survive, but give a shot in the arm to their entire species thanks to the Wildcat Haven, a group called that’s helping rehabilitate these cats.

        “I almost fell off my chair when I saw the photos,” Wildcat Haven chief scientific adviser Dr. Paul O’Donoghue said. “The markings looked amazing, far better than any kitten I’d seen in a zoo, but in a very exposed place. It seemed likely they had been abandoned or orphaned and were in grave danger.”

        Wildcat Haven has a donation-based adoption program that aims to do everything from protecting their habitats to neutering the feral cats whose numbers are dwindling thanks to crossbreeding.

        As cute as these two rescued kittens are, the real success will be seeing them and others growing up to be like “the beast”— a very large Scottish wildcat that was recently spotted surviving and thriving in the Clashindarroch Forest.

        Saving the Scottish wildcat and other endangered species won’t be easy, but our united efforts are a win for our planet’s biodiversity.

        There have been recent success stories of people coming together to make real progress in restoring habitats and protecting the creatures who live there.

        Even if you’re not a cat person, helping save an entire species is something worth supporting.

        Watch a video of the kittens below: