Cheetah And Puppy Learn To Be Best Friends

When Kumbali was just a little Cheetah cub, he was removed from his mother because she wasn’t producing enough milk for him to stay healthy. As Kumbali grew, he got stronger every day, but there was one problem. Kumbali had no one to spend the day with. Enter Kago, a 10-week old rescue Lab, and now Kumbali’s best friend. 

Cheetahs are natural pack animals, and dogs have been used to socialize them for over 30 years. Dogs help teach the cheetah’s social cues and provide companionship to the animals while they’re in captivity. This arrangement has worked out great for Kumbali and Kago, as the adorable friendship showcased in this video proves. Everyone needs a best friend. Even dogs and cheetahs. 

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