Chinese Zoo Turns Things Around, Caging Humans Instead of Animals

Zoo’s have been the subject of a whole lot of controversy over the years due to their nature and the many questions asked, questions like, “if you were an animal, would you want to be locked up in the zoo?”

Sure, that’s a pretty great and fair question to ask, and it looks like one particular has taken it to heart a bit more than they probably should have.

Known as the Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in Congqing City, instead of having the animals locked up in tiny cages for the humans to see, the humans are locked up in a tiny cage for the animals to see! Well, only technically, because obviously you’ll be looking at the animals too, but hey. From tigers to bears and much more, you’ll be in a roving cage through the whole tour. All that’s missing here is dinosaurs and we’d have ourselves a regular Jurassic Park on our hands!


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