Clever Lady Transforms Ordinary Honey Bear Bottle Into Amazing Nightlight

Honey is one of the most popular flavorsout there. It goes great with tea, toast, and just about anything. If you’re a honey fan, you’ve probably come across the classic bear-shaped plastic jar. With wide-open eyes and a pert little nose, it’s a pretty adorable way to get your honey.

Honey has a lot of surprising health benefits, but one Instructables user, who goes by krivas, also found a way to get some more use out of the bear, too.

“I’m not sure why honey comes packaged in a little bear-shaped bottle, but I sure do like it,” she says. “And after I’ve squeezed the life out of a honey bear, it makes me sad to see it go.”

So instead of simply tossing into the recycling bin, krivas decided to turn hers into a color-cycling night light with just some spray paint and a LED candle.

And it’s so easy that you can try this yourself if you’re looking for a quirky and inexpensive lamp. And since it’s plastic and lit with an LED, it’s also super safe so it can be used for kids’ rooms.

See how krivas made hers below, and try your hand at this project if you’re feeling creative!

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Instructables user krivas always liked these honey jars shaped like little bears. She liked them so much that the idea of tossing them into the recycling bin always made her a little sad, so she decided to turn one into a lamp.

The first thing she did was remove the label and give it a good wash to get rid of any sticky honey residue that might have been remaining inside.

She was inspired by another famously bear-shaped treat, too the gummy bear. Andshe had a plan to incorporate all of the gummy bear colors.

But it would all start with a coat of white spray-paint.

When spray painting, it’s always best to do two thin coats than one thick one.

She also replaced the eyes and nose, which had been covered over, with a black marker.

Naturally, you can do whatever you want for the face, but krivas decided to keep things simple and classic with three dots. It’s all you need!

Next it was time for the light. Krivas wanted to use an LED flameless candle. These are great because they not only last for a long time, but they’re also safe and cool, so you don’t have to worry about any melting plastic.

A plain LED would of course work, but krivas opted for a color-cycling light so she could appreciate all the gummy bear colors..

She switched out the LED bulb on a plain tea light, replacing it with the color-cycling one.

The colors on this bulb cycle slowly, so it’s not too overwhelming.

Next it was time to put the LED inside the jar.

To do that, she sliced a hole into the bottom of the jar that would snugly hold the tealight.

The hole was snug enough to hold the light, but if it’s too loose, you can always secure it with some hot glue.

The color-cycling light turns the honey bear into a rainbow-hued gummy bear, and makes fora quirky nightlight.

If color-cycling isn’t your style, you can, of course, use a regular white or yellow LED, or try a flickering “candle” variety for a cozy look. The amber color will be more honey than gummy.

And you can always switch out the bulbs and change things up at any time.

Krivas’ gummy bear is great because it’s durable, lightweight, and safe. They’d even be great as emergency lights or for camping!

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