Clever Puppy Has Accident On The Floor, Then Does What His Human Would Do: Tries To Clean It Up

When 21-year-old Acelin Hampton returned home a few days ago, he found toilet paper all over his house. He was surprised to see such a mess, and immediately turned to his puppy, Pablo, to see what had happened.

Hampton, a recording artist and entrepreneur from Texas, adopted Pablo three months ago, and the two are best friends. Hampton has been training Pablo, but as many of us know, house training puppies can take a long time.

According to Hampton, he has been cleaning up Pablo’s accidents, but recently he has gotten better about using the restroom outside.

Anytime Pablo had an accident, Hampton would usually reach for the toilet paper to clean it up. Apparently Pablo learned from Hampton’s actions, and realized that he could do it himself.

Hampton left Pablo with a friend the other day while he had to be out of the house, and Pablo tried his best, but eventually lost control of his bladder.Pablo peed on the bathroom floor.

Being an observant puppy, though, Pablo knew that he had to clean up his mess, so he went straight for the toilet paper.

When Hampton arrived home later, he found that the toilet paper was mostly contained to a pile over where Pablo had his accident.

This led Hampton to believe that the young puppy had tried to clean up his own accident.

Hampton shared the photo on social media and said he couldn’t even be mad because Pablo tried.

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