Clever Puppy Singles Out His Favorite Toy And Best Friend

As a pet owner, I love to spoil my two cats. I don’t just shower them with love and affection I also enjoy buying them small toys and trinkets for them to play with while I’m away from home. And they’re always excited every time I bring them a new plaything! Of course, they have their favorite toys, and in some ways are just like children.

This adorable little pup, named Benji, is no different: he favors one toy above all others. At least, that’s what he wants us to think. His owner asks him who his best friend is, and he answers by pawing the same toyevery time. It’s always the plush moose doll! Even in a pile of his playthings, he knows how to single out the moose.

But this little guy is smarter than we think, and has some human inclinations. After answering the question six separate times in the same way, Benji shocks us all with his answer to who his best friend is on the seventh try. By this time, the pile of toys is huge, but we have no doubt that Benji was sincere in his answer.

Watch the clip to know which toy he favors over the moose!


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