Cockapoo Puppy Rolls In The Sand When He Goes To The Beach For The First Time

There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach.

The lucky ones that live near an ocean have the luxury of going as often as they please. That’s the life, if you ask me!

For most of the rest of us, being able to sink our toes into the sand and soak in the sun to the lull of the waves is a lovely rarity. It seems like each time you get out of the car, walk across the beach parking lot, take off your shoes, and step into the sand, it’s the very first time you’ve ever done it. It’s such a nice thing to feel the warmth between your toes, isn’t it?

It’s hard to think that some people have never even seen the ocean, but there are many that have never had that opportunity.

Imagine for a moment that you are seeing the vast, blue horizon for the very first time. Nothing in your life has ever looked so inviting and so immense at the same time.

You walk up to the sand and take your shoes off, one by one, and feel the soft grains of sand underneath the soles of your feet for the very first time.

What kinds of thoughts would be going through your head at that moment?

It’s pretty clear what this sweet cockapoo puppy is thinking whenhefeels sand at the beach for the very first time. What an adorable little guy!

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