Create A Cute, Playful Dolphin With A Few Easy Shapes

Drawing makes life a lot of fun. You can embellish your cards and letters, and you can create truly original pieces of artwork to treasure.

But the question for a lot of people is: how do you start?

The best way to start, just like with anything else, is to stick to simple things at first, and gradually move on to more complex subjects as your confidence and skill improve. Taking those first steps might be hard, but soon you’ll be doodling away with ease.

And for those of you who don’t see the appeal of doodling, trust us when we say that it’s a great way to warm up your creative muscles, and it can even help with problem solving the way daydreaming does.

And if you’re worried that you don’t have the talent to draw anything, don’t be. Creating art isn’t about innate skill, it’s about practice and dedication. And if so many other people can do it, then you can, too!

Watch the video below for the steps on how to draw a cute little dolphin, and see what you can do. And don’t forget to SHAREthis with your friends!

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