Creative Dad Gets Squirrels Help With Pulling His Daughters Loose Tooth

As we grow older, we shed a lot of things we used to cling to. It can be an idea we firmly believed, like when we find out the truth about Old Saint Nick, or it can be something a bit more real, like our baby teeth. The tiny chompers serveus well as we make our way from an all-liquid diet as infants to adapting to ordinary food overtime, butwe all have to say goodbye to ourmini molars eventually.

I always loved playing with my wiggly pearly whites, but would get so anxious when the time came to actually yank them out of my head. I remember my parents trying to convince me to use the old tie-a-string-to-the-doorknob trick, but I preferredletting it work itself out over the next few days. I definitely would never have signed on for what this youngster volunteers for when her dad gets a creative idea to rid her of the dangling denticle(like the hilarious family who got some help from their dog).

After setting up a camera, he sets the little girl down on a bench and gets to work tying a long string of floss to the tooth. So far, it isn’t all that much different than any other attempt, but then you see what’s on the other end of that string. Instead of tyingit to something mobile, this dad ties a scrumptious granola bar to tempt the nearby squirrels into giving her a hand! It’s a bit unorthodox, sure, but you can’t really argue with these results.

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