Dad Accidentally Eats Weed Brownies, Shouts Obscenities At His Cat

In a world where there’s awful news around the corner everywhere you look, where you’re constantly bombarded by the failings of humanity and where iPhone batteries hold as much power as I hold water in my cupped hands, it’s odd that the tale of a father overdosing on narcotics is fairly good news.

Whilst unloading the shopping from his car in Omaha, a 53-year-old father happened across a set of brownies. Being the hungry man that he apparently was, he took it upon himself to consume four of them, before promptly getting back to unpackingthe shopping out of his car.

However, later on, at 9:45PM of the same Tuesday, police were called as the man had been acting untoward. He was reportedly feeling anxious when his wife called and, upon investigation, police found that the brownies in question contained weed.


One of the couple’s children told the police that the brownies belonged to his sibling and, more than likely, had marijuana in them.

When paramedics arrived, they found the man crawling on the floor and shouting at his cat, calling her a bitch. He then preceded to tell them “I’m trippin’”

This story is full of rookie errors from the protagonists though. If you’re the sort to cook up weed brownies and your parents aren’t aware of said penchant, don’t go leaving your weed brownies in the back of your car. Which brings me to my second point, don’t go eating brownies that you’ve found in the back of your car that you definitely didn’t put there yourself. And four?! How hungry was he? That’s going straight to his thighs.

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H/T: NYMag


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